Yole Finance Consulting and Advisory Services

Yole Finance serves as a trusted advisor for our customers across all the markets we cover. As we know the industry, we know the key people, we understand and monitor the evolution of technology and we understand the supply chain in a complex global environment, we are able to support your financial projects and developments.

Our consulting and advisory services include:

   • Market research and consulting services to financial and consulting clients
   • M&A advisory services for both financial and supply chain clients which includes market, technical, and competitive due-diligence
   • Strategy consulting for supply chain clients

Our clients base include:

   • Institutional Investors including Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds, and Quant Funds
   • Research Brokerages (sell side)
   • Private Equity Firm
   • Investment Banks
   • Venture Capital Firms
   • Corporate Venture Capital Teams
   • Corporate Strategy and Market Intelligence Teams
   • Corporate Development
   • Corporate Executives and Board of Directors
   • Management Consultants
   • Law Firms