Reverse Costing at Yole Développement

To complement its technology & market research services, Yole Développement also provides Reverse Costing analysis through its partner company System Plus Consulting.

   • Reverse Costing is the process of disassembling a device to identify manufacturing technology and calculate cost. 

   • Reverse Costing services support strategic decisions
       – Validate project costs
       – Inform purchasing decisions
       – Benchmark competitive products

   • Yole Développement performs Reverse Costing analysis of:
       – Processes (MEMS, PV, Compound Semiconductor, TSV)
       – Devices
            · MEMS devices
            · LEDs, HB LEDs
            · ASICs, SoCs, power electronics, RF devices
       – Modules
            · End Products
            · System In Package (SiP)