Our Partners

Due diligences

Yole Finance is driving concrete actions in supporting its customers all along the value creation process from innovation to expansion and implementation of their growth strategy.

Manufacturing costs analysis - Teardown and reverse engineering - Cost simulation tools

System Plus Consulting is specialized in technology and cost analysis of electronic components and systems. Cost models and technology expertise are combined to provide customers with an accurate and objective estimation of manufacturing costs and selling prices.


We create value from innovation

BLUMORPHO is operating an innovative business model in marketing a portfolio of attractive technologies to serve industrial needs and demand. The company facilitates access to technologies and innovations with added value for industrial companies.


A unique innovation platform specializing in the design and characterization of illumination, detection and imaging systems, integrating advanced photonic technologies

PISEO owns high skilled engineers and cutting edge chacterization equipment, all situated in a single location. The team, mainly issued from an industrial global leader, delivers a whole set of services to the industry throughout the entire product life cycle. Therefore, PISEO runs projects from applied research up to product recycling, including market analysis, technology scouting, strategic planning and industrial design.