Cost Simulation Tool

Yole Développement & System Plus Consulting have joined forces to develop a range of cost simulation tools for the manufacturing of:

   • MEMS 
   • TSV 
   • PV 
   • IGBT 
   • LEDs  
   • SiC

These tools are ideal for strategic marketing executives, process managers and R&D engineers analyzing the economic feasibility of different cost manufacturing approaches. They are also useful for purchasing managers who want to understand their supplier’s' costs.

Our cost simulation tools functions:
   • Possibility to run the cost simulation for a variety of different conditions (region, clean room class, process type, etc)
   • Integrated Equipment, Wafer & Materials Databases
   • Very high flexibility:
       – The manufacturing process flows are created dynamically in a friendly hierarchical view where each process step
         can be moved, modified or deleted
       – The user can save an unlimited number of process flows, equipment types and materials
       – A project manager function offers the possibility to save all the user created data and scenarios (wafer Fab unit, 
         process flow, yields…) and to reuse them later
   • Two calculation modes: for dedicated fabs and non-dedicated fabs
   • Simulation of up to five simultaneous scenarios allowing the user to run sensitivity analysis and compare results like
     yield improvement, manufacturing location impact on cost, etc
   • Our cost simulation toolsuse an Excel interface for maximum usability. These tools will enable you to evaluate the cost 
     per wafer for manufacturing using your own inputs or using the pre-defined parameters included with the tools.

Our cost simulation tools use:
   • Estimation of our cost simulation tools margin
   • Understanding of the cost structure
   • Competitive analysis
   • Cost evaluation for different technology options
   • Identification of the cost pain points in your process
   • Definition of a business model (fabless, fablight, manufacturing …)
With these tools you can compare up to 5 different scenarios
   • Cost of the wafer with breakdown (depreciation cost, manufacturing cost, labor cost, yield losses)
   • Cost of the wafer by step
   • Equipment cost of the wafer by step
   • Equipment cost of the wafer by equipment family (etching, deposition, lithography, bonding…)
   • Material cost of the wafer by step (wet chemicals, gases, sputter targets …)
   • Material cost of the wafer by material family
   • Cost of the die with breakdown between wafer, test, dicing...
   • Cost of the component with breakdown for die cost, packaging cost, final test cost, yield losses
   • Estimation of the manufacturing price of the component according to published manufacturer financial results