Custom Analysis Services

Over the last 20 years, Yole Développement has carried out thousands of missions providind high added-value information.

   • Our market expertise and industry connections are unique. We have developped specific methodologies to analyze and evaluate new technologies

   • Our analysis considers both technology and market issues. We have in-depth industry and technical knowledge, and take into account technology evolution, supply chain issues, value chain position, and strategies of the main players for an analysis that combines market, technology and strategic viewpoints.

   • We have an in-depth understanding of key international markets : global contact network, participation in all major events, contact data base of 80,000+

   • Yole Développement 's market forecast model is based upon the following methodology


Yole Développement offers:
   • Custom analysis 
   • Reports and monitors
   • D&A services and analyst workshop

Our products and services are adapted to the depth or breath of the analysis your needs require.