Cost Simulation Tool

Yole Développement & System Plus Consulting have joined forces to develop a range of cost simulation tools for the manufacturing of:

   •  MEMS 
   •  TSV 
   •  PV 
   •  IGBT 
   •  LED  
   •  SiC

These tools are ideal for strategic marketing executives, process managers and R&D engineers analyzing the economic feasibility of different manufacturing approaches. They are also useful for purchasing managers who want to understand their supplier’s' costs.

Our cost simulation tool functions:
   • Cost simulations can be run for a variety of different conditions (region, clean room class, process type, etc.)
   • Database integrate equipment, wafer & materials cost information
     Tools allow use of defined tool parameters or use of your own inputs
   • Dynamic model allows very high flexibility
       –Each process step can be moved, modified or deleted
       – The user can save an unlimited number of process flows, equipment types and materials
       – All user created data and scenarios can be saved for later re use
   • Two calculation modes handle dedicated fabs and non-dedicated fabs
   • Simulation of up to five simultaneous scenarios allows the user to run sensitivity analysis and compare results for yield improvement, manufacturing location impact on cost, etc.
   •  Excel interface provides ease of use.

Our cost simulation tools can provide:
   • Estimation of margins
   • Understanding of the cost structure
   • Competitive analysis
   • Cost evaluation for different technology options
   • Identification of the cost pain points in the process
   • Identification of the best business model (fabless, fablight, manufacturing …)
With these tools you can compare:
   • Cost of the wafer with breakdown (depreciation cost, manufacturing cost, labor cost, yield losses)
   • Cost of the wafer by step
   • Equipment cost of the wafer by step
   • Equipment cost of the wafer by equipment family (etching, deposition, lithography, bonding)
   • Material cost of the wafer by step (wet chemicals, gases, sputter targets)
   • Material cost of the wafer by material family
   • Cost of the die with breakdown between wafer, test, dicing
   • Cost of the component with breakdown for die cost, packaging cost, final test cost, yield losses
   • Estimation of the manufacturing price of the component according to published manufacturer financial results