“From our experience assessing emerging technologies for over a decade, we have developed a unique understanding of technologies that enables us to accurately evaluate markets, applications, solutions and strategies. We aim to build deep relationships, discussing and sharing information across our vast global network.
A rapid convergence of key technologies is driving unprecedented change. In this dynamic environment our goal is to understand our customers’ strengths and guide their success. The focus of our business is to help our customers grow.”

Jean-Christophe Eloy, CEO & President

Yole Développement provides market research, technology analysis, strategy consulting, targeted media, and financial advisory services.

Our fields of expertise include: 

Photonics & Sensing

Power & Wireless

Semiconductor & Software

• Photonics
• Lighting
• Imaging
• Sensing & Actuating
• Display

• RF Devices & Technologies
• Compound Semiconductors & Emerging Materials
• Power Electronics
• Batteries & Energy Management

• Semiconductor Packaging and Substrates
• Semiconductor
• Manufacturing
• Memory
• Computing and Software

Our team of analysts, including PhD and MBA qualified industry experts, collect and analyze information, identify trends, challenges, emerging markets, and competitive environments. They turn that information into results and give you a complete picture of your industry’s landscape. In the past 20 years, we have worked on more than 2,300 projects, interacting with technology professionals and high-level opinion makers from the main players in their industries and completed more than 5,000 interviews per year.