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Sensors and Sensing Modules for Smart Homes and Buildings 2017 report – Yole Développement – March 2017
The promising future of sensors in the Internet of Things Seminar – Powered by Fraunhofer EMFT & Yole Développement


  • Smart homes and buildings: the "Trojan horse" strategy.
  • Smart homes and buildings: a fierce competitive landscape.
  • Yole and Fraunhofer EMFT invite you to join the seminar entitled "The Promising Future of Sensors in the Internet of Things" seminar. Discover the agenda & register today!

LYON, France – May 30, 2017:  The smart homes and buildings market segment is ready for take-off. “We are currently at the very beginning of the smart homes and buildings adoption curve,” asserts Dr Eric Mounier, Senior Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). As part of the famous global IoT world, this sector is showing a lot of promise, with impressive market figures.
Yole and Fraunhofer EMFT invite you to join a seminar entitled “The promising future of sensors in IoT”. The seminar will take place in Munich, Germany, from 3 to 4 July, and will welcome leading companies to give their vision of this emerging industry during a dedicated session entitled “Industrial IoT – building automation”. First Sensor, Robert Bosch, EnOcean Alliance, eLichens and more are part of the programme. Have a look at the agenda and register today! Sensors and related modules are critical elements

Sensors and related modules are critical elements for the development of smart homes and buildings for better energy management and safety, as they will collect data. Yole has identified three main areas that sensors will contribute to: comfort, energy control and security.

According to Yole’s estimations, the sensor market for smart homes and buildings will be worth US$1.73 billion by 2022. In parallel, sensor diffusion will allow the sale of subscriptions and services, forecast to be a US$11 billion market in 2022.

Sensor innovation for smart home applications will also contribute to the growth of voice-activated personal assistants. For example, in 2016, Amazon had already shipped 4 million Alexa systems, including 1 million just in December 2016. 

Although the smart homes and buildings sector looks very promising because of our society’s development, Yole’s MEMS & Sensors team has identified market and technical barriers. A new technology and market report, entitled “Sensors and Sensor Modules for Smart Homes & Buildings” and produced by Yole’s MEMS & Sensors team, is available today and details connected home and buildings and office applications. Yole’s investigation was developed at the sensor and sensor module level, and offered a deep understanding of the value chain, infrastructure and players.

“The home and buildings market has a very complex and fragmented supply chain, from suppliers of raw materials like concrete, to software and IT companies like IBM and Cisco that are entering the game,” comments Yole’s Dr Mounier. Competition is particularly tough between BMS players and GAFAM.

Building control manufacturers are traditional candidates for the adoption of sensors for smart buildings. On the other side, GAFAM and IT players bring intelligence throughout the supply chain by offering to connect software and solutions. These companies are entering the race for AI to analyse the huge amounts of data that will come from smart homes and buildings. These players are well-positioned to extract value from the data and provide new services to end customers. By selling their product to consumers via the internet, these players bypass traditional building channels.

Nevertheless, other companies in the supply chain will play a role as well. Although they are far from the electronics, suppliers of raw materials have started thinking about how to add intelligence to construction materials to create extra functionalities. Yole’s analysts have listed energy providers (who are becoming more and more aware of home electricity, water and gas consumption), internet service providers and telecoms firms with their entry points in homes.

The IoT seminar, powered by Fraunhofer EMFT and Yole, is a unique opportunity to discuss technology innovations and business development. The participants include:
  •  Kerstin Bergmann, Programme Director for Consumer IoT at Robert Bosch, who will highlight the numerous opportunities in the IoT and Industry 4.0 at the sensor level. “Sensors will play a key role in Industry 4.0 as well. They will be the “sensory organs” of machines and work pieces, detecting condition and properties,” she says. “For intelligent control in a connected production infrastructure, sensors must be able to collect and process big amounts of data in real time.”
  •  Yanis Caritu, eLichen’s CTO, who will focus his presentation on the development of optical gas sensors for air quality services. He says: “The trend for cities and buildings to continue to host tens of billions of connected devices is constantly increasing. Those devices embed a growing number of sensors to improve digital context knowledge and to make effective and efficient decisions.”
  •  Graham Martin, EnOcean Alliance’s Chairman & CEO, who will propose a closer look at technologies behind smart homes and buildings innovations.
  •  Peter Krause, Vice-President of First Sensor, who will present an overview of the market demand for sensors embedded in intelligent systems.
  • ...

The 2017 edition of the IoT seminar will gather together a lot of key players who are strongly involved in the development of innovative solutions to make our buildings and homes smarter. Make sure you will be there to debate with them and identify business opportunities. Register today: IoT Seminar.

For more information about the seminar and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Clotilde Fabre (

(1): Sensors and Sensor Modules for Smart Homes & Buildings report, Yole Développement, April 2017

IoT : Internet of Things
BMS : Building Management System
GAFAM : Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft
AI : Artificial Intelligence

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