CSP LED Lighting Modules
CSP LED lighting modules: a potential revolution for the LED industry? - Feb. 2017

Chip-scale packages (CSPs) are new to the LED industry, but are the mainstay of the traditional semiconductor industry, where they improve reliability, thermal management and enable smaller packages. CSP LEDs can be less than a tenth of the size of high and middle power LEDs, increasing power density and simplifying integration into final products. This new architecture can also lower thermal resistance, improve reliability and widen viewing angles compared to other traditional packages...

As well as:

Advanced Substrates Overview: From IC Package to Board
How can advanced substrates and boards bridge the gap created by front-end scaling? - Feb.2017

Bulk GaN Substrate Market 2017
Laser diodes and high-brightness LEDs are driving the bulk GaN substrate market - Feb.2017

MicroLED Displays
Hype and reality: hopes for smartwatches and beyond must overcome technical and manufacturing challenges - Feb.2017

Solid-State Medical Imaging 2017
Advanced solid-state technologies are disrupting the medical imaging industry - Jan.2017

Fingerprint Sensor Applications and Technologies - Consumer Market Focus
The rapid-changing fingerprint technology market has expanded impressively into the consumer space – now shipment volumes will benefit from an 18% CAGR through to 2022, when the market will be worth $4.7B - Jan.2017

Sensors for Biometry and Recognition 2016
In a global biometric hardware market worth over $4B, traditional fingerprint/palm sensors still monopolize 91% of the market, but face and iris sensors lie in wait - Nov.2016

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