Power IC: Yole Développement proposes consolidated tracking market data

Power Integrated Circuit 2017 - Quarterly Update – Yole Développement


  • In the post smartphone expansion era, power management ICs look to the automotive and industrial market to spur growth in 2017.
  • Power management ICs grew as key end application markets expand.
  • In the volatile power IC market, understanding the applications amrket and their impact on component growth on a quarterly basis is essential.

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LYON, France – June 19, 2017:  The power IC market revenue will reach US$18 billion in the year 2022, announces Yole Développement (Yole). In its new global market research database titled, Power Integrated Circuit 2017 - Quarterly Update, the “More than Moore” market research & strategy consulting company forecasts, power ICs market segment will benefit from multiple key end markets and deliver a 3.6% CAGR between 2016 and 2022. This market evolution is in line with the general health of the overall semiconductor industry, comments Yole’s analyst.
For the first time, on a new format, Yole provides consolidated tracking information for five major end markets related to power IC as well as quarterly forecasts from Q1-2017 to Q4-2018.

Power Integrated Circuit 2017 - Quarterly Update is a powerful combination of XLS and PPT formats showing the latest data per market segment, component and player. In this quarterly update, Yole’s team looks at numerous industries including the five major markets: automotive, communications, computing, consumer, and industrial. “There are total of 43 end markets in the power IC update with over 10 major components, for each of the end markets and component, customer will be able to view the detail number of shipment units, and revenues,” describes Jonathan Liao, Senior Analyst & Business Development Manager from Yole.
This new database is also analyzing the market positioning of key power IC players: Alpha and Omega Semiconductor, Analog Devices, Dialog Semiconductor, Diodes, Fuji Electric, Infineon Technologies, Intersil, IXYS, Linear Technology, Lite-On Semiconductor, MagnaChip, Maxim Integrated, MediaTek, Microchip and much more… On an annual basis, Yole proposes the top 20 players, just after the conclusion of the calendar year. Besides the overall market share, Power Integrated Circuit 2017 - Quarterly Update details the component market share wherever applicable.

Yole has been covering the power semiconductor industry for a long time. Besides power semiconductor, the company also covers photonics, automotive, medical technologies, LEDs, battery management, and many other areas.
“We aim to utilize all the internal expertise and market analytic capability and knowledge to create useable products for our customers”, explains Dr Pierric Gueguen, Business Unit Manager, Power Electronics, Compound Semiconductor, Energy & Battery Management at Yole Développement. And Power Integrated Circuit 2017 - Quarterly Update is the first quarterly database Yole created, to provide a comprehensive overview of the power market.

The power IC database combines both primary research and secondary research results. From the primary research standpoint, Yole’s analysts attend every major trade shows and gathering firsthand information regarding new product introductions and technology development. Additionally, extensive contact and network allow the company to regularly conduct interviews with people in the industry to gain insights into the markets. From the secondary research, Yole mixes sales data from WSTS, device teardowns, unit shipment, financial releases, and earning statements from companies, all part of Yole’s activities, to build the most accurate database.

A detailed description of Power Integrated Circuit 2017 - Quarterly Update is available on i-micronews.com, power electronics report section.

IC : Integrated Circuit
CAGR : Compound Annual Growth Rate

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