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Extracted from: Emerging printing technologies - Market & Technology Report, Yole Développement, 2019


  • Emerging printing technologies: enablers or replacements for existing solutions ?
  • Creating US$781 million worth of equipment business opportunities.
  • A competitive landscape that will restructure the industry.


LYON, France – December 9, 2019: “Our world is going digital. And this revolution will clearly impacts the printing technologies” says Gaël Giusti, PhD. Technology & Market Analyst, Semiconductor Manufacturing at Yole Développement(Yole), “Emerging printing technologies are benefiting most from this move. They are now on the verge of replacing some conventional manufacturing techniques in the electronics, microelectronics and display industries”.
Indeed, these emerging technologies enable new processing capabilities where conventional techniques face limitations, in conformality, uniformity or selectivity.
According to Yole’s analysts, the emerging printing equipment market is expected to grow at a 5.8% CAGR for the next five years, to reach US$781 million in 2024. In this dynamic context, the market research and strategy consulting company launches a new dedicated Technology & Market report to give an overview of the emerging printing industry: Emerging Printing Technologies. In this way, they deliver a complete vision of the printing industry with a dedicate collection of reports including: Inkjet Printheads: Dispensing Technologies & Market Landscape, Nano-Imprint Technology Trends for Semiconductor Applications, and Inkjet Functional and Additive Manufacturing for Electronics. Thanks to their expertise, they provide a comprehensive and detailed analysis to the industry.

Thus, what are these emerging printing technologies? Inkjet, spray and laser transfer, to name but a few, are driving new momentum in the manufacturing industry.
According to Jérôme Mouly, Senior Technology & Market Analyst & Business Developer, Microtechnologies at Yole: The display market is one area where inkjet printing has solved key issues, bringing process flexibility while drastically decreasing end-product cost. Similarly, aerosol technologies are meeting the challenges of 3D shaped surfaces for shielding or in-mold electronics, where screen-printing faces limitations. Furthermore, future 5G wireless applications bring many challenges, with higher operating frequencies and shrinking systems.
In fact, emerging printing techniques add value most at the technical specification level and by simplifying the supply chain. Some specific market segments require low-volume customized solutions, like the aerospace or defense markets, where flexible tools and in-house development for confidential aspects are requested.

Companies like Nano Dimension or Fujifilm Dimatix provide versatile prototyping solutions and small volume manufacturing tools, enabling complete control over the PCB fabrication process.

The report Emerging Printing Technologies lists the applications that find key advantages in using emerging printing technologies and comparing these new processing techniques with conventional ones. One can appreciate here the broad scope of potential markets impacted by printing technologies, and some markets cannot even be foreseen yet.

Inkjet and spray printing along with microdispensing involve many competing players. Meanwhile, Optomec’s Aerosol Jet products, and X-Celeprint’s microtransfer printing have an interesting position as of 2018. They are the only ones promoting and selling their respective technologies. In this regard, and for completing this technology & market analysis, Yole directed an interview with Michael Dean, Marketing Director at Optomec. This observation shows heterogeneity in the competitive landscape. Innovation is happening fast, so (Yole) experts expect new players to compete with the initial ones in years to come.
Kateeva is forecast to remain a major player in the inkjet industry” comments Gaël Giusti. And he adds: “It has jump-started inkjet production lines for OLED encapsulation and is moving fast towards OLED RGB (Red-Green-Blue) dispensing. Since display applications represent a major source of revenue, Kateeva will remain a key player in the printed display industry for the foreseeable future”. Yole analysts expect other large players such as TEL and JOLED to compete with Kateeva in the display market using printing technologies.
The functional spray landscape is also very competitive with many well-established players, especially in Europe, such as Süss MicroTec and EV Group. This technique is set to grow due to its simplicity and low maintenance costs. On the laser technology side, there are only a handful of known players. The Laser Induced Forward Transfer (LIFT) is one of these disruptive technologies showing already great capabilities for PCB repair; mass transfer technology for display applications is very promising as well: LIFT along with microtransfer printing are positioning themselves in this highly competitive display equipment marketYole experts believe several other players, major or not, are also exploring this technology The increasing interest in emerging printing technologies will probably lead to some reaction from conventional printing players. Benchmarking the technologies is a first assessment step.
Yole’s Printing Technologies report, compares the technologies in a cost-of-ownership analysis of emerging and conventional printing techniques, in an objective assessment. It will be an intensive race between emerging and conventional players, with an expected restructuring of the industry set to expand some product portfolios and market shares.

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CAGR : Compound Annual Growth Rate
PCB : Printed Circuit Board
OLED : Organic Light-emitting Diode
TEL : Tokyo Electron Limited

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