Yole Développement is a technology and market research and strategy consulting company. Our unique position and methodology for market analysis in our various technology areas allows us to obtain detailed and accurate information to meet your business needs.

Yole Développement is able to carry out the following services:

• Market research and marketing analysis
  – Provide market data
       – Set-up market segmentation
       – Identify of new applications and markets
       – Propose marketing strategies and action plans

• Strategy consulting
       – Analysis of positioning to create value
       – Development of action plans to improve company performance
       – Support for plan implementation and fund raising

• Technology analysis
       – Analysis of technical areas and definition of technology strategies
       – Process cost analysis and cost comparisons with our partner System Plus Consulting
       – Development of product and technology roadmaps

• On site analyst workshops

• Corporate finance advisory services

Compliance Charter

In today’s business environment, ethical behaviour and compliance constitute priority requirements for addressing client and other stakeholder expectations, testifying to our credibility and an enabler for our future successes. Our market research and strategy consultancy services and processes must respect the legitimate rights of our clients, sources of information and other stakeholders. It is not less than 10 core values and key principles outlined in this Charter that are shared with and by our employees, endorsed by our Board of Directors and deeply embedded in our corporate culture.