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Posted on December 17 | ADVANCED PACKAGING


For many years now, the semiconductor industry development has been governed by the Moore’s law and the increasing demand for higher performance and lower manufacturing costs. Under this context, the “More than Moore” company, Yole Développement (Yole) has identified a strong interest for panel packages technologies.
“At Yole, we saw a growing enthusiasm for panel packages solutions dedicated to a selection of advanced packaging platforms,” asserts Amandine Pizzagalli, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging & Semiconductor Manufacturing at Yole. And she adds: “The panel packages market is a competitive market which is attracting lot of new entrants compared to the existing advanced packaging market segments”.

Under the new advanced packaging analysis entitled “Status of Panel-Level Packaging & Manufacturing” released by Yole last November, the market research and strategy consulting company estimates, the panel packaging industry will reach US$ 109 million by 2017, with a market value of US$ 405 million by 2020.

Aim of Yole’s report is to provide a comprehensive overview of the panel packages technologies available right now and in-development. The analysts detailed in this report, panel packages solutions for the following advanced packaging platforms: FOWLP panel, embedded die, hybrid interposer and interposer (silicon, glass and organic).

For each segment, Yole’s team describes the commercial status, the market adoption and the key related applications. Analysts also identified the players for each technology and their market positioning all along the supply chain. They propose a comprehensive description of the competitive landscape as well as related market metrics...

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Autonomous trends will radically change the automotive industry landscape
December 11 - MEMS & Sensors

Technology is slowly replacing the driver announces Yole Développement (Yole), the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company: by 2045, more than 70% of all vehicles sold will integrate autonomous functionalities…
Indeed, according to the latest MEMS & Sensors analysis entitled Sensors & Data Management for Autonomous Vehicles (October 2015 edition), it should take almost 150 years to replace the driver in high-end automotive. Key sensor technologies are today mature, but bottlenecks exist elsewhere: indeed such technologies enable key functionalities which are the current battleground of the industry…
“The technologies are available but important improvement must be clearly done to reduce costs, especially LIDAR and high-end GPS costs” confirms Dr Eric Mounier, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, MEMS & Sensors at Yole... Read More

Will Apple, Samsung and Huawei confront each other on the fingerprint sensor field?
December 10 - MEMS & Sensors

Fingerprint sensors using capacitive technology represent a fast growing market, especially in smartphones. “Fingerprint should remain the main biometric embedded in smartphones during the next 5 years”, comments Guillaume Girardin, Technology & Market Analyst, MEMS & Sensors at Yole Développement (Yole).Yole estimates, 856 million fingerprint sensors will be produced by 2020, reaching a US$ 3,4 billion market, hardware part only.
Indeed a new generation of capacitive fingerprint sensors has emerged in the last few years and has been incorporated in the last generations of smartphones developed by Apple, Samsung and Huawei. The market growth for fingerprint sensors is supported by a new phase of IP development. “This growth has been revealed by an increase in the number of new patents related to capacitive fingerprint sensor published since 2012”, explains Dr Nicolas Baron, CEO of KnowMade, partner of Yole (Source: Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors Patent Landscape KnowMade, February 2015 edition).
Under this context, KnowMade and System Plus Consulting combined their technical and IP knowledge of the semiconductor industry to analyze the fingerprint sensors technology evolution. The partners present today a deep added-value patent infringement risk analysis of this industry and related players such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei… This analysis is entitled Capacitive Fingerprint Sensors Technology and Patent Infringement Risk Analysis 2015. (KnowMade & System Plus Consulting, November 2015 edition). Under this first collaboration, both companies offer a comprehensive overview of the fingerprint sensors landscape, with a manufacturing process & IP approach... Read More

Private & public initiatives are boosting the Chinese power electronics industry and local players
December 10 - Power Electronic

The Chinese government is pushing the power electronic industry. According to Yole Développement’s analysts, this industry looks very promising. The power device market reached about US$ 6 billion by 2014. “China is no longer the El Dorado, where power electronic companies can make easy money”, comments Dr Hong Lin, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). And she adds: “However, in China, the power electronic market is forecasted to grow thanks to a strong involvement of the Chinese government policy…”
From the technology side, there is still a gap between China and developed countries (North America, European Union and Japan) in power electronics. Indeed, according to the latest power electronics Yole’s report entitled Status of the Chinese Power Electronics Industry (November 2015 edition), foreign brands still dominates the power electronics devices market. Meanwhile, China is investing and the technology gap is reducing…

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LED modules market: everyone wants a piece of cakes!

December 4 - LED modules

“The choice of the right LED lighting module technology depends on the application and its requirements,” announces Yole Développement (Yole). Indeed LED lighting module becomes a key step in the development of lighting solutions. According to Yole’s latest technology & market analysis, LED Lighting Module Technology, Industry & Market trends (2015 edition), the value is today mainly located at the module level...
Yole’s analysts estimate that the open LED lighting module market including flexible LED strips will nearly reach US$3 billion in 2015 and will grow to more than US$10 billion by 2020. Yole’s market metrics take into account mid- and high-power modules, COB and flexible strips sold on the open market...

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Mobile sector continues to dominate the advanced packaging market; IoT looms on the horizons.
December 3 - Advanced Packaging

“Advanced packaging will reach 44% of packaging services and a revenue of US$ 30 billion by 2020,” announces Yole Développement (Yole). Overall, the main advanced packaging market is the mobile sector with end products such as smartphones and tablets. Other high volume applications include servers, PC, game stations, external HDD/USB and more…  
According to Yole’s latest advanced packaging report entitled “Status of the Advanced Packaging Industry” (2015 Edition), emerging applications are coming from the IoT world, with wearables and home appliances (connected home) solutions already penetrating the market. Other early stage IoT investments have been also made in smart cities, connected cars, industrial devices, medical applications…
In parallel, the Chinese companies play an important role in the advanced packaging market growth: “At Yole, we see an increased activity of Chinese capital in the advanced packaging industry”, explains Andrej Ivankovic, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging & Semiconductor Manufacturing at Yole.“The objective of the semiconductor transformation in China is to decrease external dependency and set up a complete internal supply chain that can serve domestic and international customers…”
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The growth of infrared detector industry is driven by smart buildings and mobile phones applications
November 26 - Imaging

IR detectors are today used for a wide range of functions including motion detection, temperature measurement, people counting, and fire & gas detection within numerous markets such as building, security, appliances, industry and consumer. According to the latest technology & market analysis from Yole Développement (Yole), entitled Infrared Detector Technology & Market Trends (2015 edition), the total IR detector market reached 247 million units in 2014 and generated a global revenue of US$ 209 million.
In this report, Yole’s analysts highlight the rapid growth of this market: thus, they announce +14% CAGR between 2015 and 2020 (in units). During this period, five applications among the nine applications identified by Yole’s experts, will drive the IR detector market revenue growth. They are: spot thermometry in mobiles devices, motion detection, smart building, HVAC and other medium array applications and people counting. “The next growth opportunities will be outside traditional markets, in smart buildings and mobile devices,” comments Yann de Charentenay, Senior, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole... Read More

A wind of change is blowing through the sample preparation market...
November 25 - Medical Technologies

2015 is a year of change for the sample preparation market, announce Yole Développement (Yole) analysts in the latest report Sample Preparation Automation through Emerging Microfluidic Technologies Report 2015. End-users’ need is to decrease the number of human manipulation errors within the biological sample preparation process and increase the production flow by reducing the number of steps.
Under this context, facing with technical challenges due to numerous samples’ handling, integrators are now exploring innovative solutions based on microfluidic technologies, which are becoming step by step more and more mature. Some segments of the microfluidic technologies for sample preparation market will double within one year: Yole’s team announces a global market reaching US$353 million in 2020… 
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The inertial MEMS device market keeps on growing. What’s next?
4ème Journée Micro & Nano technologies pour l'Inertiel - November 27, 2015, Centre de Recherche et Technologie SAFRAN TECH, Saclay
November 23 - MEMS & Sensors

The MEMS industry is today in the age of sensing and interacting. The wide diffusion of MEMS and sensors gives us a better, safer perception of the external environment.
In its latest report, Status of the MEMS Industry (Yole Développement, May 2015), the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement (Yole) estimates that 14 billion devices were produced in 2015. Almost 30 billion will be made annually by 2020. For inertial MEMS devices, Yole’s analysts highlight that IMU manufacturing volumes will grow about 23% between 2015 and 2020. Gyroscope and accelerometer production volumes are also growing with the following CAGR 7.9% and 1.6% respectively over the same period. But every sector will keep growing. So, what’s next?
The French Inertial MEMS community, including Yole, will gather on November 27 in Saclay, France. There they will discuss technological evolution and the latest market trends, identify business opportunities and share visions of the future. The conference, entitled “4ème Journée Micro & Nano Technologies pour l’Inertiel”, is backed by the Club des Micro & Nanotechnologies....Click here for the program and registration.

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Flip Chip technology: which companies will invest to support the growth?
November 16 - Advanced Packaging

Due to the growth of the semiconductor business, the wider adoption of Cu pillar solutions and the introduction of Flip Chip technology for LED and CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) applications, the Flip Chip market is expending. Under this context, more and more industrial companies including OSATs, IDMs IC foundries and bumping house undertake in this market.
The “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company Yole Développement (Yole) explored this industry and proposes today a detailed technology and market report, entitled “Flip Chip: Technologies & Market Trends”. Yole’s team is daily discussing with the leaders of the Advanced Packaging industry. Based on these interactions, the consulting company highlights the evolution of the technical needs and market trends. These major results make Yole’s analysts to think that full capacity should be reached in 2017.
What are the required investments to support this growth? Are there competitive technologies such as TSMC’s new solution, high-performance integrated fan-out wafer level packaging (InFO-WLP), that could answer the market needs and compete Flip Chip technology?... Read more

System Plus Consulting reveals the Samsung Galaxy S6 hidden technologies
November 11 - Advanced Packaging

Mobile phone industry has grown to produce more than 1.1 billion devices in 2014 (Source: Camera Module Industry report, Yole Développement, Aug. 2015). With every new model, smartphone manufacturers are trying to bring users a better experience, incredible functions, innovative design and new applications. But how are they manufacture it? What are the real innovations at the device and module level?... Read more

Wide Band Gap technologies: SiC and GaN open the way to new markets
November 10 - Compound Semiconductors

First silicon carbide (SiC) devices have been released by Infineon Technologies in 2001... Since this period, the Wide Band Gap (WBG) market has grown facing to numerous challenges but also structuring the industry and market needs.
In its latest technology and market analysis entitled SiC, GaN and other WBG materials for Power Electronics applications (Yole Développement, October 2015), Yole Développement (Yole) explains, SiC and GaN, the most advanced WBG technologies open the way to new markets:
  SiC devices are still the most established WBG solution; this market is expected to reach more than US$110 million in 2020.
  In parallel, gallium nitride (GaN) solutions is expected to explode: Yole’s analysts identify an important Total Accessible Market (TAM). According to Yole, its adoption would therefore be soon significant…
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Compact camera module market: the access to technology is key
October 28 - Imaging

“Critical technology shifts including 3D, computational, motion, infrared (IR) are ahead of us, with the camera module ultimately becoming the hub for multi-sensing,” says Pierre Cambou, Activity Leader at Yole Développement (Yole).
Yole reveals its vision of the Compact Camera Module (CCM) industry in its first technology and market analysis dedicated to the CCM world. This report is entitled Camera Module Industry report and is based on both “bottom-up” and “top-down” methodologies.
With the camera module industry report, The “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company confirms its strategic positioning and discloses a new step towards a better understanding of this imaging industry and its technical evolution.
The camera module industry report from Yole, provides market data on key CCM metrics and dynamics (revenue forecast, volume shipments and sub-component breakdown by application), detailed market shares, a strong application focus on the key CIS growth areas (mobile, automotive, medical, security, machine vision …).
This analysis also proposes an overview of key technical insight, the future technology trends and challenges...
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IGBT devices market: a revolution underway ...
October 21 - Power Electronic

“The IGBT devices industry is about to change” announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest power electronics report, entitled “IGBT Market and Technology Trends”.
The More than Moore market research and strategy consulting company confirms its latest results and announces a strategic shift of the IGBT market:
   •   From the technology side first, the power module is becoming a key part in the power electronics value chain. And this evolution is directly impacting the supply chain with many new entrants willing to capture the power module added-value.
   •  At the geographic level then, Chinese companies are entering the IGBT devices market with their own disruptive technologies or with the acquisition of die manufacturers. With this strategy, Chinese players compete established companies mostly based in Europe and Japan. Under this context, the Japanese companies are still dominating the market, even with International Rectifier’s acquisition by Infineon Technologies beginning of 2015.
IGBT devices market: special focus on the revolution underway... Read More

The "More than Moore" supply chain dream has become reality
October 13 | Semiconductor Manufacturing

The “More than Moore” revolution has already happened. Semiconductor manufacturing processes are no longer exclusive to the integrated circuit (IC) industry. Today, LEDs, MEMS, and power devices have all integrated semiconductor manufacturing processes. But what is the “More than Moore” supply chain’s status? ... Read More
Yole Développement (Yole) and Serma Technologies (Serma) have partnered to create the Successful Semiconductor Fabless (SSF 2015) conference, which is dedicated to the “More than Moore” supply chain and its optimization.
From November 4-6 in Paris, France, this event features a comprehensive program gathering leaders from diverse sectors, including MEMS, Internet-of-Things, microelectronics and power electronics players. The third time SSF has been run, the 2015 conference is aimed at those with management responsibility at semiconductor-related organizations, providing presentations, debates and networking breaks.
To discover the agenda and register, click here.

Graphic market is driven by the need of high performance: latest AMD’s graphic card, analyzed by System Plus Consulting, confirms the trend
October 8 - Advanced Packaging

Last June, AMD released a new generation of graphic card, Radeon™ R9 Fury X, dedicated to PC gaming applications and including High-Bandwidth Memories (HBM). The “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement (Yole) announces a complete 3D & 2.5D packaging analysis & costing report focused on the HBM integrated on chip led by AMD and its partners SK Hynix. This analysis is entitled: AMD Radeon R9 Fury X.
Performed by Yole’s sister company, System Plus Consulting (System Plus) this full reverse costing study has been conducted to provide insight on technology data, manufacturing cost and selling price. With this new analysis, System Plus Consulting and Yole propose a complete physical overview of the packaging process, with details on all technical choices regarding process and equipment (wafer bonding, via etching, via filling, bumping, underfill…) and materials... Read more

Silicon Photonics, Wide Band Gap, Non Volatile Memories ... Numerous technologies under development to reduce datacenters' energy consumption
October 5 - Batteries & Energy Management

“Optimizing modern data centers’ energy consumption is a key challenge”, announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its new report entitled “New Technologies and Architectures for Efficient Data Center”. And the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company adds: “Technical solutions are required to store the increasing amount of internet data safely and with minimum power consumption”.
With this new report, part of the power electronics collection of reports, Yole’s analysts propose an overview of the current challenges and limitations of datacenters. This analysis provides a comprehensive description of the datacenters’ related market values. Under this report, Yole reveals the next generation of datacenters architecture. On the other side, the market research company highlights the main technologies and analyzes the supply chain with the key players... Read more

Flip Chip technology is supporter by the wider adoption of Cu pillar technology
October 1 - Avanced packaging

Flip Chip technology is expected to reach $25 billion market value and wafer demand of 32 million (12”eq.wafers) in 2020, supported by the wider adoption of Cu pillar technology. That growth will be led by Moore’s law pushing beyond the 28nm node and ‘More than Moore’ evolution in next generation DDR and 3DICs.
Once more, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company Yole Développement (Yole) reaffirms its leadership in advanced packaging with its new technology & market analysis dedicated to Flip Chip technologies. This new analysis is entitled Flip Chip Technologies & Markets Trends (October 2015, Yole Développement).
Under this new report, Yole proposes a deep-added value analysis of the Flip Chip markets, players’ dynamics and key trends. The consulting company highlights the key market figures and presents future Flip Chip strategy evolution and opportunities... "Flip Chip assembly technology provides various benefits such as high I/O counts, fine pitch interconnection, and superior electrical and thermal performance”, explains Thibault Buisson, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging at Yole. And he adds: “This drives its application across specific segments.”  - Read more

Camera module industry: where companies fit in this US$51 billion market...
September 29 - Imaging

“We have witnessed the compact camera module (CCM) ecosystem’s increasing complexity and its significance with respect to the global micro-electronics industry”, says Pierre Cambou, Activity Leader at Yole Développement (Yole).“CCMs, mainly developed for mobile phone applications, have become technological marvels. They bring together heterogeneous sub-components from the semiconductor industry, the optical industry in the form of optical lens sets, and more recently the micro-motor industry.”
In this context Yole, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, has produced its first deep added-value analysis dedicated to the CCM industry. Entitled Camera Module Industry (August 2015), this report provides a market analysis at the module manufacturing, image sensor, lens and AutoFocus (AF) & Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) levels. It gives a detailed description of the supply chain, its key players and the dedicated competitive landscape. In this report, Yole’s analysts review the technologies’ evolution and identify future developments
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Sapphire players congregate at critical moment for industry
September 25 - LED & Compound Semi.

Tremendous success for the first international conference on sapphire and its applications! The 1st International Forum, Sapphire Market and Technologies, organized by the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company Yole Développement (Yole) and hosted by the China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE), took place from August 31 to September 1, 2015 in Shenzhen, China and gathered close to 230 participants!

For the first time in its more than 100 year history, the sapphire community came together as an industry with its own event and place to discuss markets, applications, technologies, competitive landscape and long term prospects. The forum featured 20 international speakers from leading companies across the entire value chain. Attendance exceeded all expectations with close to 230 participants. The audience included multiple CEOs and high level executives representing the entire sapphire ecosystem, including investors and sapphire component users such as LED makers and consumer electronic companies... Read more

Battery market: the growing EV/HEV market is a game changer…
Live webcast on Oct. 1st, 4:30 PM CEST – 7:30 AM PDT | Register Today
September 24 - Batteries & Energy Management

I-Micronews will present a Yole Développement live webcast, on October 1st at 4:30 PM CEST / 7:30 AM PDT. This online event is entitled: “How will the battery market build on EV/HEV adoption?” To attend the webcast, click Register today!

“Electric Vehicle/Hybrid Electric Vehicle (EV/HEV) will have a strong impact on the energy management business and stationary battery storage market”,
asserts Dr Milan Rosina, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole) in the latest report, Energy Management for Smart Grid, Cities and Buildings: Opportunities for battery electricity storage solutions (Yole Développement, May 2015).

  • To read the full announcement, click Battery electricity storage
  • To attend the webcast, click Register Today

TSMC will enter the FanOut business: Yole’s analysts comment…
September 23 - Advanced Packaging & Manufacturing

“The fact that TSMC is interested in advanced packaging isn’t “new news”, comments Jean-Christophe Eloy, President & CEO, Yole Développement (Yole).He adds: “Over the last few years TSMC has significantly invested in flip-chip copper pillar capacities (Source: 2015 Flip Chip Technologies & Market Trends report, October 2015) and 3DIC stacking for CMOS image sensors and logic devices.”
What is new is TSMC’s interest in supporting the FanOut packaging platform for volume production, using its own proprietary InFO technology. Yole’s analysts have confirmed that TSMC will begin volume production in 2016, and it’s likely that the Apple A10 will be its first customer – one of what will be a wave of new customers, with Qualcomm, Mediatek, and other big companies eyeing this field...
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The semiconductor industry: the mastery of time and volumes
Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2015 - From Nov. 4 to 6, 2015, Paris, France
September 20 - Yole Développement

Since the dawn of the industry, semiconductor companies have developed disruptive technologies and solutions that have met the most ambitious targets. In a dynamic and global marketplace, they anticipate market needs and design and make the right product at the right time. What’s the key to this success? The supply chain might be the answer.
Yole Développement (Yole) and Serma Technologies (Serma) combine their expertise and analyses of the industry to create a networking event, Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2015 (SSF 2015), dedicated to exploring the semiconductor supply chain, market positioning and business development. Organized for the third time, SSF 2015 will take place from November 4th to 6th in Paris, France. Discover the strong program and register today. Early bird booking is available until October 2nd.

“Successful Semiconductor Fabless is the first program dedicated to the semiconductor community and issues at the supply chain level,” announces Jean-Christophe Eloy, President & CEO, Yole Développement. “Supply chain challenges in the semiconductor world are incredible. They are due to the complexity of this sector, the number of players and their business models, the patent landscape and all the technologies that have been developed. Today start-ups and international groups have to clearly identify and manage risks at the business model level first and then in their own network, all along their supply chain, to ensure successful development and generate company value”... Read more

How will GaN and SiC technologies cohabite?
September 14 - Compound Semi. & Power Electronics
Gallium nitride (GaN) devices market is expected to explode, announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its technology and market analysis entitled “GaN & SiC for power electronics applications”. Under this report released last July, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, Yole proposes two scenarios, from 2014 to 2020, based on the penetration rate of GaN: the differentiating factor, compared with the silicon carbide (SiC) solutions’ adoption, is mainly focused on below 200V and 600V applications… After the adoption phase of the Wide Band Gap (WBG) technologies, how will GaN and SiC technologies cohabite? Will they enter in direct competition or become complementary technologies?
In parallel, Yole’s partner, KnowMade proposes another analysis of the GaN market with a detailed patent investigation, entitled Power GaN Devices for Power Electronics (Sep. 2015). This report reviews the challenges dedicated to the technologies, analyze the business opportunities and detail a competitive IP landscape... 
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MEMS technology for your senses: what can you expect?
September 11 - MEMS & Sensors

Hearing, touching, smelling and seeing… what will be the next improvement that MEMS will bring to our senses? Sensors are now small enough, reliable enough, and accurate enough to be included in a pocket-sized device of only 9cm3 and become the interface with the environment, details Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest report dedicated to the wearable industry (Sensors for Wearable Electronics & Mobile Healthcare, Yole Développement, June 2015). In this technology and market analysis Yole, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, forecasts a US$88 billion market by 2020, comprising 1.2 billion sensor units.

Dr Eric Mounier, Senior Technology & Market Analyst at Yole, will be part of the European MEMS Summit 2015 taking place from September 17 to 18 in Milan, Italy. He will present an overview of the wearable industry, its technological status and key market figures. Yole’s analyst will review the development opportunities linked to MEMS for wearable applications and share his vision with MEMS executives... Read more

Mobile phones and automotive sectors are fueling camera module revenues
September 9 - Imaging

Driven by mobile phones and automotive sectors, the Compact Camera Module (CCM) industry will be multiplied by 2.5 between 2014 and 2020, reaching a total aggregate revenue of US$51 billion by 2020.
According Yole Développement’s new report entitled Camera Module Industry, mobile phones segment will grow from 72% to 74% of revenues due to improving specifications and average selling price. Therefore mobile phones manufacturers meet the increased market demand for higher quality photos and propose innovative products with more and more efficient camera modules. Under this context, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company Yole Développement (Yole), highlights the CCM price increase: “This trend is a real surprise. Indeed, at Yole, we follow the electronic components market for the mobile phones industry for a long time and we know the strategic importance of price in this sector”, comments Pierre Cambou, Activity Leader at Yole
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As GaN power devices are now poised for rapid market adoption, a strong IP position is essential for companies to grow their business
September 8 - Power electronics & Compound Semi.

The GaN devices market for power electronics application will explode in 2016, reaching US$300 million in 2020, announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest power electronic report, entitled GaN and SiC devices for power electronics applications (July 2015). The “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company Yole, highlights an increasing interest of numerous industrial companies already involved in this sector.
“The future GaN power devices market is also depending on the global patent landscape and coming mergers and acquisitions”, explains Dr Nicolas Baron, CEO of KnowMade, partner of Yole.
Indeed KnowMade and Yole’s analysts are working together for a long time in order to combine their technical expertise and market knowledge. Both companies combine their vision of the industry and create a high added-value synergy through technical, market and patent analysis on the disruptive technology markets... Read more

SiC players are pushing the SiC technology adoption towards the EV/HEV industry
September 1st - Compound Semi. and Batteries & Energy mgmt

After several years of delays and questionings’ phase, silicon carbide (SiC) technology confirms today its added-value, compared to existing silicon (Si) technologies. Yole Développement (Yole) announces in its latest report GaN and SiC Devices for Power Electronics Applications (July 2015 edition) the penetration of silicon carbide (SiC), from low to high voltage (600 to 3300 V), in the following market segments: Power Factor Correction (PFC), photovoltaics, diodes with electric and hybrid electric vehicles (EV/HEV), wind, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and motor drives. Under this new technology and market analysis, Yole’s analysts point out the emergence of SiC dynamic, especially within the EV/HEV market: SiC technology becomes a reality… Read more

The three horses of the wearable industry
August 27 - MEMS & Sensors
“Three device types are expected to successfully reach the market: smartwatch, smart glasses/HUD, and smart clothing”, announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its Sensors for Wearable Electronics & Mobile Healthcare report released in July.
In this latest technology and market analysis, the “More than Moore” strategy consulting and market research company proposes you to discover the wearable landscape including applications and market drivers analysis. Yole’s analysts explain wearable is, without doubts, a promising industry. But, who will take benefit of this attracting market, growing from US$22 billion in 2015 to more than US$ 90 billion by 2020?
“Smart glasses and HUD are expected to hit the market with high volumes around 2019. Specific to the consumer market, it’s evolved with two device types,” says Guillaume Girardin, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole. “The first type are wrist-worn devices that target the healthcare and consumer markets”, he adds … Read more

Sapphire industry: do investing capacities continue in display covers application?
August 25 - Compound Semi. & LED

“Apple will represent 20% of 2015 global sapphire consumption with its iPhone and watch sapphire components”, announces Eric Virey, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). “But Lens Technology recently announced plans to raise US$942 million and invest US$532 million of the proceed to further increasing sapphire growth and finishing capacity”, he adds. The “More than Moore” strategy consulting and market research company, Yole released last month its annual sapphire industry analysis entitled “Sapphire Applications & Market 2015: from LED to Consumer Electronic”: This report discloses the status of the sapphire market evolution including the recent capacity expansion plans, especially in China. Yole’s analysts reveals a comprehensive 2014 wrap-up of the winners & losers and a special focus on the sapphire display covers application. Under this new sapphire report, Yole highlights the continuous flow of investing activities in sapphire display cover supply chain… Read more

Apple is using 20% of worldwide sapphire capacity – and that may be just the beginning
July 31 - Compound Semi. & LED

Sapphire is the key material for LED manufacturing. But in 2015, 20% of sapphire will be used in Apple’s iPhone, for the camera lens, fingerprint readers and heart rate monitors covers, and the Apple watch’s window. The new Yole Développement (Yole) report on Sapphire Applications & Market 2015: from LED to Consumer Electronic provides a complete update of all sapphire uses, from LED substrates to consumer applications.
Today, the sapphire industry looks very different depending on your perspective. The market for sapphire wafers for LED manufacturing is depressed. Wafer prices often fall below manufacturing cost. There is excess capacity that will be able to supply the needs of the industry through to at least the end of the decade. Consequently, companies are shutting down one after the other.
...“We expect prices to keep decreasing, resulting in an LED wafer keep decreasing, resulting in an LED wafer market remaining essentially flat in revenue despite a 5.2% CAGR growth in volume expected through to 2020”, says Eric Virey, Senior, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole. Optical wafers may also struggle if Yole’s scenario of Apple phasing out its current sapphire fingerprint reader technology for an “In Display” fingerprint sensor materializes in 2018...
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Samsung 3D TSV stacked DDR4 DRAM: the first analyzed memory product with via-middle TSV
July 31 - Advanced Packaging
System Plus Consulting, sister company of Yole Développement (Yole), released this month its new reverse costing report, Samsung 3D TSV stacked DDR4 DRAM. In August 2014 Samsung announced the mass production of the first analyzed 3D TSV technology based DDR4 modules for enterprise servers. According to Samsung, this new module, because of its high density and high performance will play a key role in supporting the enterprise servers’ development and cloud-based applications, as well as further diversification of data center solutions.
Reverse costing analysis from System Plus Consulting includes a physical analysis at the module, package, DRAM die and cross-section level, the dedicated manufacturing process flow (TSV & bumping manufacturing step – Flip-chip & stacking process – package assembly unit) and a detailed cost analysis per process step... Read more

The confidence of the Wide Band Gap (WBG) industry
July 30 - Compound Semi.
In a competitive landscape, Yole Développement (Yole) points out the serenity of the Wide Band Gap (WBG) market and the confidence of its players: WBG companies are slowly but surely reshaping the industry and accelerate the market adoption with numerous strategic mergers and acquisitions (Cree, Infineon Technologies…) and the development of disruptive solutions…
In its latest technology and market analysis entitled “GaN & SiC for power electronics applications”, the “More than the Moore” company highlights the different strategies defined by the leaders. Infineon Technologies ensures the development of its WBG activities with the introduction of a new Gallium Nitride (GaN) segment: the company acquired International Rectifier in January 2015. Few months later, Cree announced the willingness to spin out its power and RF activities and acquired the US-based company APEI to strengthen its position in SiC based power electronics. Yole also lists huge investments that have been done by the WBG companies... Read more

The vehicle electrification ensures a promising future for IGBT devices
July 27 - Power electronics

Today, IGBT devices are part of all power electronics applications: this market will be multiplied by 1.8 between 2014 and 2020, reaching US$ 6.2B in 2020, announces Yole Développement (Yole). The first IGBT devices commercialized 30 years ago had a voltage breakdown around 1,100V. Since then, power range has broadened to 400V - 6,500V, allowing IGBT to enter all segments. According to the latest Yole’s analysis entitled “IGBT Technology & Market Trends” (July 2015 edition), the IGBT devices market growth will not stop there: indeed the vehicle electrification ensures a promising future for IGBT devices...
“Vehicle electrification is heavily impacting the IGBT market, with huge volumes and significant added value because of the power modules used”, confirms Coralie Le Bret, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole...
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Promising new technologies and applications suggest a bright future for microfluidics
July 22 - MEMS & Sensors - Medical Technologies

By offering innovative solutions and cost advantages, microfluidic technologies are attracting more and more players from various fields. Under this context, numerous large companies are exploring the possibility of adopting microfluidics in order to improve their products…
The More than Moore market research and strategy consulting company Yole Développement (Yole), released few days ago its new technology & market analysis entitled, Microfluidic Applications in the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, In-Vitro Diagnostic, and Medical Device Markets. This report is part of the medical technologies reports collection performed by Yole’s analysts for several years, including Point-of-Care Testing, Next Generation Sequencing, BioMEMS, Microfluidic Substrates Market and Processing Trends, Flow Chemistry Technologies…
“Promising new technologies and applications suggest a bright future for microfluidics”, asserts Dr Benjamin Roussel, Activity Leader at Yole... Read more

Supply chain, market positioning, business opportunities and company value: what can we expect for the semiconductor industry?
Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2015 - SSF 2015 From Nov. 4 to 6, 2015, Paris, France
July 17 - Manufacturing

Today, the semiconductor supply chain offers a lot of possibilities in terms of business models. Companies have many opportunities to develop their own components all across the market. They can develop designs, integrate software, focus on sensitive elements and propose dedicated packaging. There are many possibilities – but maybe just one way to optimize a company's value.
Yole Développement (Yole) and Serma Technologies (Serma) are organizing Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2015, the third edition of the conference, to explore the semiconductor supply chain, analyze business trends and technical challenges and highlight success stories. Successful Semiconductor Fabless 2015 (SSF 2015) will take place in Novotel Paris Vaugirard Montparnasse, Paris from November 4 to 6. Yole’s analysts and Serma’s experts have built an impressive program this year: Put this conference in your calendar right now, and register on i-micronews.com, in the Events section! ...
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Huge business opportunities in the advanced packaging market are driving photolithography equipment demand
July 16 - Manufacturing

Within the photolithography equipment market reaching US150$M 2014 (Source: Photolithography Equipment & Materials for Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED Applications report, June 2015), advanced packaging applications has the strongest growth. Yole Développement (Yole) estimates that more than 40 systems have been installed in 2014, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) representing 10% between 2014 and 2020. In the meanwhile, MEMS photolithography equipment looks set for 7% CAGR and LEDs 3%.
Yole released last month its technology & market analysis dedicated to the manufacturing process, photolithography. Under this analysis entitled “Photolithography Equipment & Materials for Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED Applications”, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company proposes a comprehensive overview of the equipment and materials market dedicated to the photolithography step. Yole’s analysts performed a special focus on the advanced packaging area. They highlighted the following topics: current and emerging lithography technologies, technical specifications, challenges and technology trends, market forecast between 2014 and 2020, market shares and some case studies
... Read more

Will DC grid be a solution for data centers?
July 15 - Power Electronics

Ever-increasing internet traffic and the video streaming boom will encourage large data center investments in the coming years. Last year, around US$143B was invested worldwide for new data center projects. Large internet companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google are leading the investment in next-generation “green” data centers. There is a trend towards building larger data centers, consolidating and densifying server concentration for the sites which require more efficient buildings…
Yole Développement (Yole), the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company released a comprehensive analysis of the trends, market and opportunities of development for the next generation of data centers, including new architectures and technologies. This report is entitled: New Technologies & Architectures for Efficient Data Centers.
Under this new analysis, Yole’s team presents market forecasts between 2010 and 2020. It includes regional splits. Yole’s analysts also identifies the key players and their market share for servers, UPS, and cooling systems. This report is also an overview of each technology’s technical evolution including silicon photonics, Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), Wide Band Gap (WBG) materials
... Read more

Amid 30% IR imaging market growth, FLIR Systems confirms its leadership and pursues its strategy of technical innovation
July 3 - Imaging

The uncooled thermal camera market re-entered a growth phase in 2014, after a subpar 2012 and 2013, thanks to an earlier-than expected stabilization of military demand and a dynamic commercial business. In its latest report, Uncooled Infrared Imaging Technology & Market Trends (June 2015 edition), Yole Développement (Yole) announces 30% growth in shipments and a 7% increase in revenue in 2014. This trend will continue for several years. The analysis indicates that shipments will be driven by three rapidly expanding commercial markets: thermography, automotive and surveillance. These markets are driven by the leading thermal camera supplier, US-based FLIR Systems, especially at the imager level...
Yole’s analysts highlight that commercial markets dominate thermal imaging, and were worth US$1,29B in 2014. FLIR Systems was especially successful in 2014, far exceeding the market’s average growth in shipments. “FLIR System’s leadership was enabled by its efficient vertically-integrated business model”, explains Yann de Charentenay, Senior, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole... Read more

The sapphire saga continues:
Could recent investments signal a new beginning?
July 3 - Compound Semi.

-  “How to drive sapphire into the next growth phase”, a live webcast, scheduled for July 9, 2015. This online event is sponsored by TRUMPF and powered by Yole Développement. To register, visit the Sapphire Live Webcast page.
-  The 1st International Forum, Sapphire Market and Technologies from August 31 to September 1, 2015. This event is organized by Yole Développement and China International Optoelectronic Expo (CIOE) and will take place in Shenzhen, China. To attend, visit the Sapphire Forum page.

After crystal growth equipment supplier GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT) and Apple announced a partnership in October 2013, sapphire cover glass adoption for the iPhone 6 appeared to be the next logical step. From autumn 2013, both companies started setting up the largest sapphire growth operation in the world. However, one year later, the iPhone 6 was announced without sapphire cover glass. One month after that, GTAT stunned the sapphire industry by filing for bankruptcy.
This year, at the beginning of June, a new chapter might have opened. Apple cover glass supplier Lens Technology, a sapphire component supplier, announced its intention to invest $620M in sapphire manufacturing. This announcement follows significant investments and capacity ramp from rival Biel. Do those investments and many more from Chinese sapphire companies signal new beginning for the sapphire industry?… Read more

Is digital and patient centred innovation in healthcare: Science fiction or tomorrow’s reality?

This question is on itself a challenge… who can predict what the future will be? This question is challenging but also quite interesting when we consider the good audience to the gateone-project webinar raising this question. The 92 participants to this webinar had indeed the opportunity to ask questions to key speakers sharing their analysis and advices for European SMEs to address the healthcare market of tomorrow.
Moderated by Régis Hamelin, gateone-project scientific coordinator and CTO of BLUMORPHO, this webinar provided good-to- know and good practices to provide innovation in healthcare. Key speakers covered market and industrial needs, regulatory requirements and innovative solutions ready to be tested for companies to jump on this new business. They shared their advices and analysis. The main takeaways are summarized hereafter
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Consumer, healthcare, and industrial will drive the rapidly-expanding wearable industry to a potential value of $90B by 2020
July 1 - MEMS & Sensors - Medical Technologies

Wearable electronics is one of the consumer market’s hottest topics. Indeed, giants like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei are now competing for a slice of a very promising pie… Under this context, Yole Développement (Yole) releases a technology & market analysis entitled Sensors for Wearable Electronics & Mobile Healthcare. According to this analysis, the wearable industry will reach 295 million units by 2020, with a market value of US$90B. “Three markets will drive this impressive growth: consumer, healthcare, and industrial”, announces Yole.
Sensors for Wearable Electronics & Mobile Healthcare report is a comprehensive analysis providing a deep understanding of the wearable landscape, applications and market drivers. With this new technology and market analysis, Yole proposes an overview of the sensors portfolio for the wearable markets including inertial, pressure, biosensor, environmental … This report also presents a detailed technology and applications roadmap
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Photolithography equipment & materials market is attracting new players. But success is not guaranteed ...
June 29 - Manufacturing

“Growing photolithography equipment markets in advanced packaging, MEMS and LEDs are attracting new players; but they have to navigate complex roadmaps …” announces Yole Développement (Yole). The “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company confirms its leadership in the silicon manufacturing industry with its new technology & market report entitled “Photolithography Equipment & Materials for Advanced Packaging, MEMS and LED Applications”.
Under this new report, Yole’s analysts announce a projection system market for advanced packaging, MEMS and LEDs reaching more than US$150M in 2014. To perform this report, they interviewed leaders and outsiders of this market such as SUSS MicroTec, ASML, EV Group, Rudolph Technologies, USHIO … They analyzed their market positioning and their technical solutions.
Within a highly competitive and innovative environment, Yole’s analysis shows, at first glance, some similarities between “More Moore” and “More than Moore”. However the analysis is more complex… Read more

After fundraising, new collaborations and acquisitions, microfluidic players are in position: now, the game can start ...
June 22 - Medical Technologies

Several microfluidic companies have diversified their activities and launched growth strategies, seeking to provide unique offerings and reach a broader customer range. That’s according to the latest Yole Développement (Yole) report, Microfluidic Applications in the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, In-Vitro Diagnostic and Medical Device Markets 2015. “These diversification strategies require new competencies and expertise”, stresses Dr Benjamin Roussel, Activity Leader at Yole. “To acquire such knowledge, many microfluidics companies have set up collaborations, made acquisitions and raised funds since 2013.”
The microfluidic players’ objectives differ: they either want to leverage more competencies on one project, or get the know-how necessary to enter strategic markets. Yole’s new technology and market analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the microfluidic industry, including a special focus on the supply chain and related players. How are companies’ values spread across the microfluidic supply chain? What are the most promising business opportunities? After fundraising, new collaborations and acquisitions, the players are in place.
Now, the game can start... Read more

Technology innovation is driven fan-in Wafer Level Packaging adoption with more and more applications
June 22 - Advanced Packaging

According to Yole Développement’s (Yole) latest report “Fan-in Wafer Level Packaging: Market & Technology Trends”, fan-in WLP is experiencing continuous growth and attracting new applications. Indeed fan-in WLP technology confirms its presence on the semiconductor market with indisputable benefits linked to cost and form factor. Technology innovation continues and widens the sphere of possibilities of fan-in WLP solutions.
“Fan-in Wafer Level Packaging: Market & Technology Trends” report proposes a deep analysis of the fan-in WLP technology trends with a dedicated roadmap and an overview of latest technical innovations. Under this report, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, Yole, also reviews the potential disruptions including new market drivers, infrastructure, expanding business models, new entries, competing packaging solutions… And analyzes the impact on the supply chain... Read more

Uncooled infrared cameras: smartphones are widening commercial markets
June 19 - Imaging

Over the next several years, uncooled thermal camera shipments will accelerate rapidly, with volumes growing at 22% CAGR between 2015 and 2020. Annual shipments will reach more than 1.5M units in 2020, compared to more than 450 K units in 2014, reveals Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest report, Uncooled Infrared Imaging: technology & Market Trends (June 2015 edition). Yole’s analysts explain that consumer applications, including both personal vision systems (PVS) and smartphones, will provide the highest shipment growth in coming years. This part of the market volumes was multiplied by three from 2014 to 2015, with smartphones in particular holding great promise.
“The smartphones market is already the main application in the consumer area in less than 6 month of sales”, announces Yann de Charentenay, Senior Technology & Market Analyst at Yole.
Yole has investigated the technological evolution of smartphone thermal cameras, related challenges, market trends and the market positioning of companies in this area...
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The MEMS business is growing
June 9 - MEMS & Sensors

Back in 2000, the total MEMS market was already growing strongly, reaching $5B revenue for slightly over 1B units. By 2014, MEMS had become an $11.1B business. “At Yole Développement (Yole), we expect a $20B business in 2020 with 30B units”, says Jean-Christophe Eloy, President & CEO, Yole.
This expansion started with Knowles’ microphones in 2003 and with STMicroelectronics’ accelerometers in 2005, both products targeting consumer applications.
Since 2009, consumer applications have enjoyed significant volume growth – and according to Yole’s latest analysis, Status of the MEMS Industry (May 2015), around 17% CAGR (in units) is expected between 2015 and 2020. However strong price pressure, -5% a year at best, will result in 3% CAGR revenue growth over the same time period...
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EV/HEV players will drive the stationary battery energy storage business, says Yole Développement
June 4 - Power Electronics

The recent announcement of Tesla battery storage solution, Powerwall™, confirms the trends towards massive deployment of distributed stationary storage systems. Tesla’s batteries should be available in July, according to the US-based company.
“Automated, compact and simple to install, Tesla’s new solution, Powerwall™ offers independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup”, explains Yole’s Senior Analyst, Energy Conversion & Emerging Materials, Dr Milan Rosina, Yole Développement. And he adds: “The growing of electric vehicle/hybrid electric vehicle (EV/HEV) market is currently reshaping for the stationary battery market”...Read More

IoT, the way to the Promised Land
Sensors Expo & Conference - Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, CA Conference & Expo: June 10-11, 2015 - Pre-Conference: June 9, 2015
June 3 - MEMS & Sensors

“Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are expected to deeply affect our industry and daily life”, asserts Dr Guillaume Girardin, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). In 2024, the IoT device market will represent a $45B business contributing to a total IoT market of $400B (Source: Technologies and Sensors for the Internet of Things, June 2014 edition).
The “More than Moore” strategy consulting and market research company, Yole, will attend Sensors Expo & Conference 2015 taking place from June 9 to 11 in Long Beach, CA, United States. The company will review its latest IoT results and the related MEMS and sensor sectors at pre-conference symposium 3, entitled “IoT, the final frontier for embedded”, on June 9 from 9:30 PM to 5:30 PM (Location: Room 103 AB). In his presentation, “Sensors for the Internet of Things”, Dr Girardin will share a vision of the IoT trend, related technologies and the challenges it faces. The program is now available... Read More

Discover smart solutions to reach the right medicine to the right patient at the right time
A webinar powered by gateone-project – June 12th at 1pm CEST - Registration

On June 12th at 1:00 PM CEST, gateone-project will hold its second webinar. Invited key speakers will share with participants their expertise in innovative technologies expected by the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare system to develop new businesses… The revolution in mobile communication, diagnostics and advanced sensor technology undoubtedly has a role to play and will enable provision of a highly customised intervention for individual patients. (Source: Innovative Medical Initiative Strategic Digital Agenda);
According to the “More than Moore” strategy consulting and market research company Yole Développement, the BioMEMS market would grow sharply and reach $6.6B in 2020 (Source: Status of the MEMS Industry report, May 2015)...
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Fan-in WLP manufacturing capacities are full and more volume is required… Yole announces its new advanced packaging analysis
May 28 - Advanced Packaging

“The semiconductor industry is facing a new era in which device scaling and cost reduction will not continue on the path they followed for the past few decades, with Moore’s law in its foundation”, asserts Andrej Ivankovic, Technology & Market Analyst, in the Advanced Packaging and Semiconductor Manufacturing team, at Yole Développement (Yole).Under this context, the semiconductor industry seeks further performance and functionality boosts in package level integration. Emerging packages such as fan-out wafer level packages, 2.5D/3D IC and related System-in- Package (SiP) solutions together with more conventional but upgraded flip chip BGAs aim to bridge the gap and revive the cost/performance curve. In such an environment, what is the importance of fan-in wafer level packages, the current status of the fan-in WLP industry and how will fan-in WLP market and technology evolve?
The “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, Yole confirms its leadership in the advanced packaging industry with its new technology & market report entitled Fan-in Wafer Level Packaging: Market & Technology Trends report… Read more

Get rid of the extreme variability of MEMS processes: MEMS Price+ webcast
On June 4 at 8:00 AM PDT - Powered by System Plus Consulting & Yole Développement
May 21 - MEMS & Sensors

System Plus Consulting, sister company of Yole Développement (Yole), has created a revolutionary costing tool called “MEMS Price+”. The company will show what MEMS Price + offers in a live webcast on June 4 at 8:00 AM PDT, titled “Still tearing your hair out when simulating the cost of your MEMS devices?” To register for the webcast, visit the i-Micronews website’s Events section and find the MEMS Price+ webcast.
“The MEMS Price+ tool gives you a cost model that comprehensively covers all the relevant parameters and technologies”, explains Romain Fraux, Project Manager, Reverse Costing analysis at System Plus Consulting. To know more about this tool, join the MEMS Price+ webcast and discover its power live. Registration: MEMS Price+ webcast ... Read more

More than 25 companies worldwide have established dedicated SiC device manufacturing capabilities, finds Yole Développement
ISiCPEAW 2015 - From May 27 to 28, 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden

New wide band gap (WBG) materials are changing the power electronics industry landscape. Silicon carbide (SiC)-based devices are intended for high voltage, up to 1.7 kV, high frequency and high temperature applications. These include rail, power factor correction (PFC), electric and hybrid electric vehicle (EV/HEV) inverters, electricity grid applications and wind and photovoltaic (PV) inverters.
“The performance of SiC-based devices clearly adds value compared to silicon device technology”, comments Dr Hong Lin, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole).“Moreover, the WBG penetration makes efficient packages mandatory, so that devices’ high frequency, high voltage or high temperature capabilities can be best exploited”, she adds. (Source: Power Packaging Technology Trends and Market Expectations – Mar. 2015).
In two of its technology and market analyses, Status of the Power Electronics Industry (Feb. 2015) and SiC Modules, Devices and Substrates for the Power Electronics Market (Oct. 2014), Yole confirms the commercialization of SiC-based devices in the rail traction segment, for example with Mitsubishi Electric in Japan. In parallel, PV inverters have already been launched based on WBG devices. What will be the next step?... Read more

Stationary battery energy storage speeds up the energy transition and creates a $13.5 billion opportunity by 2023

On April 30, the US-based company, Tesla Motors revealed the information about its new product, a home battery, Powerwall, that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or from the grid when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. “This announcement is another big step forward the large-scale deployment of stationary battery systems”, comments Dr Milan Rosina, Senior Analyst, Energy Conversion & Emerging Materials at Yole Développement. “Indeed energy storage is playing a major role in the energy transition currently underway”, he adds.
The “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement (Yole), released last week its new technology & market analysis entitled “Energy Management for Smart Grid, Cities and Building: Opportunities for Battery Electricity Storage Solutions”. In this new report, Yole’s analysts propose a detailed analysis of the stationary battery market and an overview of the main players... Read more

Growing in maturity, the MEMS industry is getting its 2nd wind
May 7 - MEMS

In 2014, the MEMS sector represented an $11.1B business for Si-based devices. According to Yole Développement (Yole) latest MEMS report “Status of the MEMS Industry”, the MEMS industry is preparing to exceed $20B by 2020... “We have seen different market leaders in the past and the competition is still very open”, asserts Jean-Christophe Eloy, President & CEO, Yole. “But 2014 will be remembered for the emergence of what could be a future “MEMS Titan”: Robert Bosch (Bosch)”, he adds.
... Bosch’s MEMS revenues have increased by 20% to top $1.2B, driven by consumer sales. STMicroelectronics’ revenue is thus now lagging $400M behind. Compared to 2013, the top five companies remain unchanged and together they earn $3.8B, around a third of the total MEMS business...
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FOWLP is now entering a new era …
SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company, interviewed by Yole Développement’s analysts

Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging is now entering a new era: with a high expected growth of the market, multiple new companies, OSATs and even foundries, are attracted and involved in this platform. According to Yole Développement’s "Fan-Out and Embedded Die: Technologies & Market Trends ” and “Equipment & Materials for 3DIC & Wafer-Level Packaging Applications” reports, the market reached more than $150M in 2014 and a CAGR of 30% for the next 5 years is expected, driven by mobile applications and the need of very thin packages for high I/O devices.

Yole Développement (Yole),
the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, recently had the opportunity to interview David Butler, VP of Product Management and Marketing at SPTS, the Semiconductor Device division within Orbotech. David has shared his point of view on fan-out wafer level packaging platform with Yole’s analysts.... Read more

“Quantum dots are finally ready for prime time…”, announces Yole Développement
May 5 - LED

Quantum Dots are finally ready for prime time and will exceed traditional phosphor revenue by 2020 by allowing LCD to compete with OLED in the race for the next display generation...
Yole Développement (Yole), the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company releases a LED downconverters technology & market report, entitled “Phosphors & Quantum Dots 2015: LED Downconverters for Lighting & Displays”. Under this new report, the company proposes a deep review of the industry, especially the impact of the quantum dots development on the display and traditional phosphors industry. Are the quantum dots a real competitor of OLEDs technology?... “OLED was believed to be the technology of choice for this next generation of displays. But production challenges have delayed the availability of affordable OLED TVs. LCD TVs with LED backlights based on quantum dots downconverters can deliver performance close to, or even better than OLED in some respects, and at a lower cost”, says Dr Eric Virey, Senior Analyst, LEDs at Yole... Read more

EV/HEV industry: Yole invites Bosch and Cree to discuss technological breakthroughs in power electronics
Power Electronics Market Briefing powered by Yole Développement May 20, 2015 – Forum Area at PCIM Europe 2015, 10:00 AM

The Electric Vehicle/Hybrid Vehicle (EV/HEV) market is full of both promise and questions. Yole Développement (Yole) forecasts a $16B market by 2023, with worldwide growth, especially in established areas of automotive development such as the United States, Europe and Japan (Source: Power Electronics in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Yole Développement, November 2014).
Yole, the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, has analyzed the market trends and identified many technical improvements. According to Yole’s experts, the EV/HEV supply chain is strongly impacted by technological evolution. In this context, industrial companies are adapting their strategies and modifying their business models. What are the challenges being set by EV/HEV players? What impact will they have on the power electronics industry, especially at the power module level?...
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LED phosphors market: “Strong price pressure stalls revenue growth and pressures margins but masks a more complex picture”, announces Yole Développement
April 24 - LED

While volumes are expected to more than double between 2015 and 2020, LED phosphor prices have declined dramatically, leading to a flat revenue outlook. Low technology barriers of entrance on the most mature compositions have prompted companies to procure turnkey manufacturing equipment and enter the market. With little to no quality control and R&D expenses, some have achieved low cost comparable to that of the tri-phosphors used in fluorescent lamps. In a bid to capture market shares, they triggered an intense price war. But is the situation so critical for the LED downconverters players?
Indeed the analysis cannot be stopped at this point. And Yole Développement (Yole), the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, proposes today a deep analysis of the market challenges and technology trends with its LED downconverters technology & market report, entitled “Phosphors & Quantum Dots 2015: LED Downconverters for Lighting & Displays”... Read more

Key experts sharing best practices to develop business in smart systems & connected devices
April 23 - BLUMORPHO

A webinar powered by Gateone on April 28th, at 1:00 PM CEST. gateone is a European project supported by the European Commission.
... Invited key speakers will share with participants their expertise in key success factors to develop business including market opportunities, product development approach, state of the art technologies, and accessible funding. To attend the webcast, please click: REGISTRATION ... Read More

2014 top MEMS players ranking: Rising of the first MEMS titan
March 24 - MEMS & Sensors

With an impressive 20% growth in MEMS revenue compared to 2013, and sales revenues of more than $1.2B, Robert Bosch GmbH is the clear #1. From Yole Développement’s yearly analysis of “TOP 100 MEMS Players”, analysts have released the “2014 TOP 20 MEMS Players Ranking”. This ranking shows the clear emergence of what could be a future “MEMS titan”: Robert Bosch (Bosch). Driven by MEMS for smartphone sales – including pressure sensors -, Bosch’s MEMS revenue increased by 20% in 2014 and totaling $1.2B. The gap between Bosch and STMicroelectronics now stands at more than $400M... Read More

The promising future of LEDs
March 19 - LED

“The LED market is a complex but promising market,” comments Pars Mukish, Business Unit Manager, LED, OLED and Sapphire at Yole Développement (Yole).
In 2015, companies are not relying on more technical breakthroughs, except at the LED module level, where integration remains an important issue. “However, there is still overcapacity,” cautions Mukish. “This is causing many changes in the supply chain, first at the chip level, then at the module/system level. The spin-off Royal Philips announced in July 2014 of its LED business, which grew from its acquisition of Lumileds in 2005, is one example.”
... Mukish is newly appointed to the management of Yole’s business in the LED, OLED and Sapphire areas. He is in charge of developing consulting activities and producing technology and market analysis at Yole... Read More

Power module packaging performance is now essential for power electronics industry

The power packaging market is growing, pulled by the interconnection and substrate segments, respectively +14% and +13% between 2014 and 2020. And global growth for raw material is expected to reach +12% between 2014 and 2020, with a global market of $1.7B for 2020…
After Status of the Power Electronics report (March 2015), Yole Développement (Yole), the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company pursues its investigation in the Power Electronics industry and announces its new technology and market analysis: Power Packaging Technologies Trends & Market Expectations report (April 2015)...
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Le courant continu : Une opportunité technologique et commerciale ? (French Language)

Ecrans plats, éclairage extérieur/intérieur avec les Diodes Electroluminescentes (LEDs), ordinateurs portables, téléphones portables, voitures électriques et les datacenters … Le monde qui nous entoure fonctionne de plus en plus avec du courant continu. Le saviez-vous ? Un grand paradoxe dû à l’Histoire et au face à face, Nikola Tesla contre Thomas Edison et la guerre des courants (Source : Les Echos, Juillet 2014), lorsque l’on sait que notre réseau électrique, quant à lui, fournit du courant alternatif … Comment cohabitent ces deux courants ? Quelles solutions technologiques sont aujourd’hui et seront demain en place pour répondre aux besoins des consommateurs et des entreprises ? Peut-on entrevoir dans cette cohabitation, une réelle opportunité de développement pour la filière de l’électronique de puissance ? Yole Développement (Yole), cabinet de conseil en stratégie, spécialisé dans le domaine du semi-conducteur, s’interroge...  Article complet

Power electronics: vertical/horizontal integration, companies are looking for the road to success

The power electronics supply chain is evolving. Yole Développement (Yole) analysts confirm this trend in their latest technology and market report, Status of the Power Electronics Industry: Chinese companies’ vertical integration is challenging diverse historical market leaders, while Europe & US companies are pushing horizontal integration. What is the shortest road to the success?
“The power electronics supply chain is very diverse and mostly application- and local market-dependent”, explains Mattin Grao Txapartegi, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole. And he details: “European and American players for example, prioritize horizontal integration, keeping proven expertise in a specific level of the value chain”... Read More

Embedded die in substrate: challenges are still ahead …

“Embedded die in substrate is a promising packaging technology”, comments Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest advanced packaging report entitled “Fan-Out and Embedded Die: Technologies & Market” (Feb. 2015 Edition – Yole Développement). According to Yole’s team, this approach becomes more and more attractive for potential customers because of its numerous advantages. Embedded die in substrate: what are the next steps for the growth? ...
“The embedding allows a smaller form-factor, and it can be done using a mature manufacturing chain, providing low costs”, explains Jérôme Azemar, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging and Manufacturing at Yole Développement... Read More

Power electronic industry: Yole announces the growth recovery

Yole Développement (Yole)
announces the return to the power electronics market growth, after two years of stagnancy. According to Yole’s analyst, the power semiconductor devices market reached $11.5B in 2014, with a 8.4% growth.
In its latest report entitled, Status of the Power Electronics Industry (Feb. 2015 edition), the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company, analyzes the evolution of the power electronics industry and the reshaping of its entire value chain. Vertical/Horizontal integration, industrial companies are looking for the road to success... Read More.

Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging: with a $200M market in 2015, Yole is expecting 30% CAGR in the coming years …

“Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) is already in high-volume” announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its new report, Fan-Out and Embedded Die: Technologies & Market. According to Yole’s analysts, FOWLP market reaches almost $200M in 2015. And the More than Moore market research and strategy consulting company, Yole expects 30% CAGR in the coming years. What can explain such a great potential? ...
Yole’s analysts now expect strong growth. They explain: “The market is worth almost $200M and we anticipate 30% CAGR is in coming years”. One of the key factors driving this is the arrival of 2nd generation FOWLP... Read More

Yole Développement announces foundation of BLUMORPHO: BLUMORPHO will create value from innovation
February 17 - CORPORATE

Today Yole Développement (Yole), the market research, technology and strategy consulting company announces the founding of daughter company, BLUMORPHO SAS. BLUMORPHO’s mission is to create value from all forms of innovation. BLUMORPHO is developing businesses for its customers by building a dynamic marketplace and is active all along the innovation chain, from research to market...“BLUMORPHO is operating an innovative business model in marketing a portfolio of attractive technologies to serve industrial needs and demand”, explains Géraldine Andrieux Gustin, CEO & Co-founder of BLUMORPHO ... Read More

MEMS devices: a game-changer for the IMU market?
February 16 - MEMS & Sensors

Over the last couple of years, the high-performance gyroscopes and inertial measurement units (IMUs) industry has slowly changed. Defense & aerospace applications are still driving the market but game-changing MEMS innovations are bringing new momentum to the commercial aerospace and industrial sectors. Yole Développement (Yole), the More than Moore market research and strategy consulting company presents its latest MEMS & sensors analysis entitled, High-End Gyroscopes, Accelerometers and IMUs for Defense, Aerospace & Industrial ... Read More

Launch of Gateone Innovation Action, boosting smart system innovation for SMEs
Gateone kick-off, Grenoble, France - Project supported by the European Commission
February 10 - CORPORATE

Gateone is a European project to equip SMEs with smart technologies and solutions to boost their innovation cycle. The official launch took place in Grenoble on January 23rd, 2015. Gateone has a selection of 200 innovative product concepts which they are offering to SMEs. These innovations address business opportunities in the areas of energy management, connected devices, smart cities, mobility, assisted living, security and safety..."We are proud to lead this initiative which has the potential to make a difference in the innovation cycle for SMEs. Our vision is that smart systems are a huge opportunity for SMEs and we are committed to delivering the state of the art in this field” says Régis Hamelin, from Yole Développement, Scientific Coordinator of Gateone... Read More

More than an alternative technology, UV LED technology finds its path
February 6 - LED

Now established in UV curing, UV LED technology will find growth opportunities in disinfection and purification and new applications by 2017/2018.
Under its new technology and market analysis entitled “UV LED – Technology, Manufacturing and Application Trends”, the “More Than Moore” market research, technology and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement (Yole) reviews and details the traditional UV lamp business and its current transition to UV LED technology. Indeed industry players confirm their interest for cheaper and more compact technology... “Thanks to this an overall UV LED market that represented only ~$20M in 2008 grew to~$90M in 2014, at a compound annual growth rate of 28.5%”, explains Pars Mukish, Business Unit Manager, LED activities at Yole. Such growth is likely to continue as LED-powered UV curing spreads across ink, adhesive and coating industries... Read More

Sapphire industry: what we could expect after Apple’s withdrawal last September…
1st International Forum on Sapphire Market & Technologies On Sept. 3rd, Shenzhen, China
February 5 - COMPOUND SEMI. & LED

“After a 2014 year full of hopes, the sapphire industry is entering 2015 with a lots of uncertainties,” analyzes Dr Eric Virey, Senior, Technology & Market Analyst, Yole Développement (Yole). “Following a long period of depressed pricings and stagnating revenue, 2014 started with a welcome price recovery that lifted up the spirit of many industry players. But most of all, it was the prospect of a new killer application that had given reasons for optimism”, he adds.
... Under this context, Yole, the “More Than Moore” market research, technology and strategy consulting company, proposes to exchange and debate during the 1st International Forum on Sapphire Market & Technologies, on September 3rd, 2015. This Forum is hosted by CIOE. It will take place in Shenzhen, alongside the 17th China International Optoelectronic Expo 2015… Read more

The CMOS Image Sensors industry is about to change, with major investment in manufacturing & design.
February 3 - IMAGING

The CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) industry reaches US$10B for the first time. Indeed, driven by mobile and automotive applications, the CIS industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.6% from 2014 – 2020. Yole Développement (Yole) announces a US$16.2B market by 2020 (in value):
“Smartphone applications still take the lion’s share of the CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) market”, announces Yole, the “More Than Moore” market research, technology and strategy consulting company, in its new report Status of the CMOS Image Sensor Industry, 2015 Edition, released this week
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Status of the power electronics industry: It is now a question of integration.

According to Yole Développement’s team, wide band gap (WBG) technologies are almost ready to be used by power electronics integrators. The question is now: How? Industry players have identified many module packaging challenges. Yole Développement (Yole) has analyzed their insights, and is now presenting an overview of the issues.
“WBG market shares are not directly linked to WBG component availability”, highlights Yole...
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Yole Développement appoints Steven LaFerriere as Director of Northern America Business Development

Yole Développement (Yole), the “More Than Moore” market research, technology and strategy consulting company, welcomes Steven LaFerriere as its new Business Development Director for the Northern America region. As a Business Development Director, Steven LaFerriere will drive Yole’s activities in this geographic area. Steve will present to the disruptive semiconductor industry, Yole’s market research publications... Read more

Emerging Non Volatile Memory technological choices are about to be made … STTMRAM or MRAM?

“The technological choice between STTMRAM/MRAM and RRAM will be made in the next two years”, announce the “More Than Moore” market research, technology and strategy consulting company, Yole Développement (Yole).
Yole releases this week a new technology and market analysis dedicated to the Emerging Non Volatile Memory (NVM): Emerging Non Volatile Memory (NVM) Technology & Market Trends Report.
The technological choice between STTMRAM and RRAM will be made in the next two years: what is the best solution for data centers and embedded MCU applications?
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