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Posted on Dec. 16 | Yole Développement

Silex Microsystems is committed to being one of the leading MEMS foundry manufacturing providers for thin film PZT technology …
Last year, Yole Développement identified a growing interested for thin film PZT, especially for MEMS applications. Indeed, MEMS thin film PZT applications reached a combined market of $350M in 2013. Under this context, the company released a dedicated report, Thin Film PZT for Semiconductor Application Trends & Technology Update (Dec. 2013 - report description).
Since this release, the company pursues its strategic watch and exchange with the industrial leaders. After the interview of the world leader supplier of PZT Sol-Gel materials, Mitsubishi Materials Corp. (MMC) and its partner, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Yole Développement also discussed with Silex Microsystems, a MEMS foundry, which is an end-user of MMC’s solution. Aim of this interview is to give a deep understanding of new materials & equipment impact in the MEMS devices manufacturing process... Read more

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System Plus analyzes the world's smallest microbolometer-based thermal imaging camera core released by FLIR
December 11 - IMAGING
... System Plus Consulting (System Plus), a sister company of Yole, specialized in technology and electronic components and systems cost analysis, looked into new FLIR’s products and proposes today a complete teardown analysis, entitled FLIR Systems FLIR ONE & LEPTON Consumer Thermal Imager with Microbolometer. System Plus’ report details the bill-of-material (BOM), the manufacturing process flow and related cost analysis, the supply chain evolution and a comparison with FLIR i7 infrared camera and microbolometer sensors... Read More - Illustrations (High resolution format)

3D TSV begins … “Engineering samples have already started to ship and preparation is on-going for entering volume manufacturing”, announces Yole
3D TSV integration has already been adopted in MEMS and CMOS Image Sensors for consumer applications (Source: 3DIC & 2.5D TSV Interconnect for Advanced Packaging Business Update report). Device makers such as Sony, Toshiba, Omnivision, Samsung, Bosch Sensortec, STMicroelectronics and mCube … have all brought devices to the market that integrate 3D TSV technology. “TSV’s added-value is important: increased performance and functionality, more compact devices, more efficient utilization of the silicon space (See for example Sony's Exmor RS)”, explains Yole Développement (Yole). Moreover, even if 3D TSV process steps are adding cost at the device manufacturing level, these technologies enable cost-saving in other parts of the supply chain...
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TSV based memory going to volume production: the era of 3DIC finally begins
Many expect current DDR, both the compute variety (DDR3 / DDR4) and the mobile variety (LPDDR3/LPDDR4) to reach the end of their road soon, as the DDR interface reportedly cannot run at data rates higher than 3.2 Gbps in a traditional computer main memory environment. Thus several new DRAM memory architectures based on 3D layer stacking and TSV have evolved to carry memory technology forward...
Yole Développement has been studying 2.5/3DIC technology and commercial adoption for nearly a decade... Described advances and all the rest of the latest 3DIC happenings can be found in Yole Développement’s new report “3DIC & 2.5D TSV Interconnect for Advanced Packaging - 2014 Business Update”. More information on www.i-micronews.com, advanced packaging reports section.
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Internet of things: it is all a question of heterogeneous integration

“The most important added-value of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions will come from process of generated data”, explains Yole Développement (Yole), the market research and strategy consulting company, in its latest report, Technologies & Sensors for the Internet of Things. According to Yole’s analysts, IoT is a mix of hardware, cloud and data processing, gathering multiple applications from numerous sectors: industrial sensors, wearable electronics and home automation ... The IoT industry is a multi-billion dollar market emerging from several different markets. Under this context, the array of technologies already or soon to become available, is immense bringing the potential for significant business opportunities ... Read More - Picture (High resolution format).

STMicroelectronics, AKM, InvenSense and Bosch Sensortec, the “big 4” companies in inertial MEMS, share 75% of the consumer inertial combos market
November 19 - MEMS & Sensors
Combo sensors continue their growth in a market expected to reach US$ 1.4 billion in 2019 overcoming discrete sensors. Yole Développement (Yole), the market research and strategy consulting company, proposes a deep analysis of the inertial combos for consumer application, with its new report, “6&9 Axis Sensors Consumer Inertial Combos”.
According to Yole’s analysis, cellphones and tablets still drive the market but wearables will soon take their place in the landscape.
From the players’ side, Yole’s analysts announce: “The “big 4” companies in inertial MEMS share 75% of the consumer inertial combos market”. And they add: “Indeed, we see that STMicroelectronics (STM) lost high-end smartphone share; in parallel, a strong challenge came from InvenSense and Bosch Sensortec, who both, won Apple’s business”...
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TSV integration is creating growth and significant interest in the equipment & materials industry

“The long term growth of the equipment & materials business will be supported by the expansion of 3D TSV stack platforms” says Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest report, Equipment & Materials for 3DIC & WLP Applications. The market research and strategy consulting company, Yole proposes a deep analysis of the equipment & materials market for 3DIC & WLP applications. Under this new report, analysts announces a market multiplied by 2.5 in the next 5 years… “Mainly supported today by flip-chip wafer bumping, the equipment market generated revenue of more than $930M in 2013” announces Amandine Pizzagalli, Technology & Market Analyst, Advanced Packaging & Semiconductor Manufacturing, Yole. “It is expected that this equipment market revenue will peak at almost $2.5B”, she adds...
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The inverter industry is about to change
“$65 billion inverter market by 2020 will be driven by multiple applications”, announces Yole Développement (Yole) in its new report “Inverter Technology Trends & Market Expectations”. The inverter market will be driven by three factors: electrification trends in transportation, the need for power conversion optimization for CO2 emission reduction, and the development of clean electricity sources. Such strong and sustainable drivers will make the inverter market grow.
In parallel, Yole’s analysts clearly identify a transformation of the inverter market supply chain: the inverter industry is about to redefine itself...“The largest markets in 2020 (in revenues) will be represented by motor drives, UPS, and PV”,
explains Dr Pierric Gueguen, Activity Leader, Power Electronics and Compound Semi., at Yole. “The strongest market growth will be featured by EV/HEV, with 18.3% CAGR (in revenues) between 2013 and wind and UPS markets remaining almost flat”, he adds… Read More - Illustrations (High resolution format)

Sol-Gel PZT, a turn-key solution from Mitsubishi Materials Corp. and SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co.,Ltd.
Yole Développement has identified a growing interest for thin film PZT in the semiconductor industry, due to its very promising piezoelectric properties. For example, Epson has released its second generation inkjet head based on thin film PZT technology for small offices applications, proving the maturity of thin film PZT technology. The French consulting company interviews the world leader supplier of PZT Sol-Gel materials, Mitsubishi Materials Corp. (MMC) and its partner, SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd. Both companies highlight the importance of thin film PZT technology for MEMS companies and detail their collaboration… Read More - Illustrations (High resolution format)

EV/HEV market: a strong competition takes place at the power electronic module manufacturing level…
The Electric Vehicle / Hybrid Electric Vehicle (EV/HEV) supply chain is evolving and power electronic module manufacturing attracts more and more companies, car makers, modules suppliers, chip makers … to develop their own expertise, announces Yole Développement (Yole), in its latest report “Power Electronics in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles”. Industrials develop innovative technologies at the substrate, integration and packaging levels, to enhance power module performance and push the EV/HEV market forward... Read More - Illustrations (High resolution format)

Gate drivers: more features for the powerstack “brain”

The power electronics industry is still looking for the improvement of power module performance and reliability. Under this context, industrials pursue the development of its artificial intelligence by adding new features to the gate driver units (GDU), considered as the powerstack’s brain... Read More - Picture (High resolution format).

MNBS 2014: from R&D to innovation
October 17 - MEMS & MEDTECH

Yole Finance, the corporate finance services unit of Yole Développement (Yole) collaborates with the European Commission and the Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems (LAAS, Toulouse, France) to promote the smart systems technologies through the 8th Annual Concertation and Consultation Workshop on Micro-Nano-Bio Convergence Systems (MNBS 2014 – October 21 – 22, 2014)... MNBS 2014: save the date and register now! ... Read More

Medical imaging market: companies play a new game …
During the latest months, Yole Développement (Yole) identified numerous investments, mergers, acquisitions in the solid-state medical image sensors market. The research market and strategy consulting company confirms today, in its latest technology & market analysis, Solid State Medical Imaging: X-ray and Endoscopy, the direct impact on the supply chain. With 2.1 million units in 2013, medical imaging market is evolving slowly with relate ... Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

Advanced packaging technologies are changing the LED manufacturing supply chain
Two weeks ago, Yole Développement (Yole) announced the update of its technology and market analysis, LED Packaging Technology & Market Trends. Under this new report, the research market and strategy consulting company highlights the impact of advanced packaging technologies in the LED industry. “The combination of cost reduction and advanced packaging technologies such as Flip Chip and Chip Scale Package, is changing the LED industry landscape, especially its supply chain”, announces Yole.
For example, introduction of Chip Scale Package solution clearly reduces the number of manufacturing steps: today, some LED chip manufacturers, with Chip Scale Package technology, already supply their products to the LED module makers directly…
Yole’s report represents a comprehensive survey on recent trends regarding LED Packaging including Flip Chip LED, Chip Scale Package, LED Filament Lamp…. It describes associated technological breakthroughs and manufacturing processes, provides also a list of key players involved ...
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Adoption of SiC & GaN will directly impact the power electronics industry…
Power Electronics Conference at SEMICON Europa – From Oct. 8 to 9 in Grenoble, France - “Emergence of new wide bandgap (WBG) technologies such as SiC and GaN materials will definitely reshape part of the established power electronics industry”, announces Yole Développement (Yole). SiC and GaN benefits are now well known. Indeed such materials offer: higher frequency switching - higher power density - higher junction temperature - higher voltage capabilities.
Yole will present its vision of the Power Electronics Industry, at the Power Electronics Conference “The ultimate path to CO2 reduction”, taking place from October 8 to 9, in parallel of SEMICON Europa 2014. During the conference, Yole will detail the status of the Power Electronics industry, its technology trends and related players, taking into account the introduction of new materials such as SiC and GaN... Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

“Collaborative innovation across the supply chain is necessary for the development and commercialization of advanced packaging technologies”… says NCAP

Both partners, National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP China) and Yole Développement (Yole) confirm the success of their collaboration, with the 2014 Advanced Packaging & Integration Technology Symposium. This event is the first step of a promising collaboration between both organizations. “Such success was possible thanks to the great collaboration with NCAP, presentations and active participation of the audience”, says Yole.
Yole reaffirms its interest for the advanced packaging industry in Greater China; the market research, technology and strategy consulting company would like to ensure business positioning and increase its existing network in this geographic area... Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

“The imaging industry is now entering a maturing phase …” comments Yole Développement
“The last months have been very active in term of mergers and acquisitions in the CMOS image sensor (CIS) business”, comments Yole Développement (Yole)… The market research and strategy consulting company, Yole will present its vision of the Imaging industry at the Imaging Conference, “Imaging without Limits”, an ancillary event of SEMICON Europa 2014. Make sure you will be there to learn more about the imaging world during the conference and meet our experts in the exhibition area (Yole Développement - Booth #226)... Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

“Innovative technologies introduction impacts favorably the LED packaging materials market”, says Yole Développement
The LED packaging industry is moving toward further cost reduction and new technologies including Flip Chip and Chip Scale Package (CSP), says Yole Développement (Yole) in its latest report on packaging for LED: LED Packaging Technology and Market Trends 2014. These market and technology trends directly impact the LED & advanced packaging industry and its supply chain, especially at the material and equipment levels: whereas the equipment market enters in an infernal cycle, the materials market for LED packaging confirms its growth…Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

What is the future of printed & flexible electronics?
September 29 - WEBCAST ON OCTOBER 2 AT 8:00 PM PDT
“Printed and flexible electronics has been a very hot topic in the past decade, holding the promise of a tremendous new market”, announced both partners, Yole Développement and Daydream in their report, Market & Technology Trends in Materials & Equipment for Printed & Flexible Electronics (Released in Feb. 2014). Yole Développement, the market research and strategy consulting company and Daydream, the marketing strategy & new business development consultant for Chemistry and Life Science, combine their expertise to perform a relevant analysis dedicated to technology evolution and market trends for printed & flexible electronics. Main results will be presented during the online event on October 2nd at 8:00 AM PDT. To discover the detailed agenda, speakers profile and register, please click: Webcast Registration - Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

More industrial segments adopt SiC technology
Silicon Carbide (SiC) propagates over all industrial segments, announces Yole Développement (Yole), the market research, technology and strategy consulting company. Power factor corrector (PFC), photovoltaic inverter, motor control … and more represented a $100 million business in 2013. Yole released last week, its SiC technology and market analysis: SiC Modules, Devices and Substrates for Power Electronics Market. The company updated its investigation and give us today its up-to-date vision of the SiC industry... Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

In the LED packaging world, Flip Chip technology is rising…
In the LED packaging world, a wind of change is blowing. A LED TV crisis, and new Chinese players have totally modified the LED industry and its supply chain. Under this context, with a high competitive environment, new challenges have been identified by Yole Développement (Yole) analysts: efficacy improvement, cost decrease … To answer to the LED market needs, companies have today to innovate their technologies and implement new solutions like Flip Chip for LED packaging... Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

The September 9th Apple event: Sapphire display covers featured in Apple smart watches but not in iPhone 6.
September 11 - COMPOUND SEMI.
The long wait is finally over. From a sapphire industry standpoint, Apple killed the suspense within the first 10 minutes by announcing that its new 4.7” and 5.5” iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will both feature a traditional ion-exchange strengthened glass display cover. Sapphire remains in the camera lens cover and the touch ID sensor, features that were already present on the iPhone5s ...Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

MEMS industy is facing a paradox …
September 8 - MEMS

Yole Développement’s presentation – TSensors Summit™, Sept. 15-17 in Munich, Germany.
The MEMS industry is growing. Yole Développement (Yole) announces a $24B market in 2019. More and more applications are using the existing devices. In parallel, MEMS companies are getting stronger in term of sales… This is the position of the MEMS industry today, detailed by Yole in its latest report, Status of the MEMS Industry 2014 (August 2014 edition)... Read More - Picture (High resolution format)

What strategies could new players use to enter the Point of Care market?

Meet with Yole Développement at Lab-on-Chip World Congress on September 18-19, 2014 - San Diego, CA
Microfluidics is an enabling technology allowing miniaturization and integration of laboratory protocols into portable devices. In the past few years, largest diagnostic companies worldwide have adopted microfluidic technology to develop and commercialize innovative diagnostic tests… At Lab-on-Chip World Congress 2014 (LOAC 2014) the strategy consulting company, Yole Développement will present its latest analysis dedicated to the Point of Care industry, describe the market and details market figures … Press release - Illustration

NCAP and Yole announce the Advanced Packaging & Integration Technology Symposium


Yole Développement (Yole) and National Center for Advanced Packaging (NCAP China) collaborate to develop a powerful program and attract the leaders of the advanced packaging industry. Both partners, strongly involved in this area, propose a dedicated event, Advanced Packaging & Integration Technology Symposium, focused on: 3D integration technologies and market trends - Interposers activities, technology roadmaps and key players - MEMS packaging - Manufacturing readiness … Press release

Apple saved the sapphire industry in 2013 and could transform it in 2014: the revolution will happen…
Yole Développement (Yole), the strategy consulting company releases this week its Sapphire Applications & Market: from LED and to Consumer Electronic report (August 2014 edition). In 2013, Apple completely saved the sapphire industry… “Apple plans to introduce both a 4.7” and a 5.5” model this year”, announces Dr Eric Virey, Senior Analyst at Yole. “We believe that prices for the sapphire cover have been agreed upon and locked by contract, based on yield assumptions reflecting reasonable expectations from all partners …"Press release

Challenged by newcomers proposing low-cost solutions, established MEMS companies must develop new strategies …

July 30 - MEMS & Sensors
In 2013, the MEMS business showed an overall growth of 10.4%, reaching US$ 12B at the end of the year. “This growth mainly results from the significant growth of the MEMS market for consumer application”, explains Yole Développement (Yole). However this trend is slowed down by the strong price pressure: -7% is announced by Yole’s analyst. What is the best strategy to meet with the success?... Yole Développement, the market research, technology and strategy consulting company, releases today one of its best sellers, Status of the MEMS Industry report. Describing and analyzing MEMS technologies & market trends, this report announces 2013-2019 market data covering more than 220 MEMS applications … Press release

COWIN success in reaching EUR 24M investment in research exploitation

July 28 - COWIN
The final review of the Coordination & Support action COWIN welcomed the complete success of the action launched in October 2010. “More than the achievements of measurable targets in commercial exploitation of research project results, COWIN project is today a powerful professional method to be used as a platform for business development of future projects” as stated Emilio Martinez and Nihal Sinnadurai, Project Reviewers for the European Commission... Press release

Infra-red imaging market: the best strategy to survive ...
July 24 - IMAGING
Yole Développement released beginning of July the technology & market study, Uncooled Infrared Imaging Technology & Market. Under this analysis, the company confirms the uncooled thermal camera market downturn in 2013, with -5% CAGR. “Military market downturn and high price erosion have deeply affected traditional infrared imaging margins for the past few years at both sensor and camera level”, explains Yann de Charentenay, Senior Analyst, MEMS & Sensors, Yole Développement. What is the best strategy to survive?...Press release

Infra-red imaging market: first smartphones and new low-cost cores widen commercial markets and pave the way for consumer applications

July 11 - IMAGING
Existing commercial applications and new consumer applications will drive uncooled infra-red imaging market growth”, says Yole Développement, the French consulting company. All results are now available in a new technology & market analysis from Yole Développement: Uncooled Infrared Imaging Technology & Market Trends, 2014 edition. Under this report, Yole Développement’s experts analyze the latest industry news, identify new market entrants and give a clear understanding of the impact on the market structure. They also list mergers & acquisitions in this area, over the last 4 years and highlight the applications, especially the ultra-low resolution microbolometers segment. This analysis also includes market forecasts from 2013 to 2019, technology trends and ongoing developments... Press release

TSV is a business…Looking for wider adoption!

3D Through Silicon Vias (TSV) is in MEMS, CMOS Image Sensors and high-end applications. When will it be used for mainstream consumer applications?... All results are part of the new report released by Yole Développement (Yole): 3DIC & 2.5D TSV Interconnect for Advanced Packaging - 2014 Business Update. This technology & market report is an overview of the TSV implementation for various devices and packages including memories, logic, MEMS, photonics, CIS and other applications. The company analyzes future 3D products for high-end applications and alternative packaging technologies (fan-out, advanced organic substrates, monolithic 3D). Yole also details the market adoption roadmap and wafer start by platform and by application... Press release

High productivity and design flexibility are part of the main benefits of plasma dicing”, says Plasma-Therm...

Mid-June, I-Micronews proudly presented a Plasma-Therm webcast, entitled “Can wafer dicing become a value-add operation?” This event was a great success, attracting more than 330+ registrants. Make sure you get the latest technology & market trends on wafer dicing process and watch the recorded version on http://www.i-micronews.com and in the “Archived Webcasts” section find the Plasma Dicing link… “Driven by IC packaging, performance requirements and development of new devices (LEDs, power electronics, MEMS…), the wafer dicing process is facing three main trends: thinner wafers, stronger die and non-silicon materials”, Pars Mukish adds. All these results are available in Yole Développement’s report: LED Packaging (To be released mid-2014) … Webcast Press Release.

The bright future of Si photonics
Beyond all of the hype and tumult, market drivers and technological developments are converging to ensure a bright future for Si photonics. Indeed, though the Si photonics market has just kicked off, volume production is already close. “… In the short term, silicon photonics will be the platform solution for future high-power, high-bandwidth data centers…” explains Dr Eric Mounier, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, MEMS Devices & Technologies, at Yole Développement...Press release - Gallery

“The GaN power industry is consolidating in preparation for significant growth”, announces Yole Développement
Overall, 2020 could see an estimated device market size of almost $600M, leading to approximately 580,000 x 6” wafers to be processed”, explains Dr Philippe Roussel, Yole Développement. “Ramp-up will be quite impressive starting in 2016, at an estimated 80% CAGR through 2020, based upon a scenario where EV/HEV begins adopting GaN in 2018-2019”. ... Recent announcements show that the GaN industry is taking shape as mergers, acquisitions and license agreements are settled...Press release

Can wafer dicing become a value-add operation?
I-Micronews will present a Plasma-Therm live webcast, on June 18 at 8:00 AM PDT titled “Can wafer dicing become a value-add operation?”. To register for the webcast, visit the I-Micronews website at www.i-micronews.com and in the “Upcoming Webcasts” section find the Plasma Dicing link.
... “All these innovations are putting more constraints on designers to cope with reliability, energy consumption, density of integration of complex systems and thinner and thinner substrates”, explains Thierry Lazerand, Director of Technical Marketing, Plasma-Therm...
To register, click here... Press release

What does the future hold for MEMS? Yole Développement releases its annual Top 30 MEMS Manufacturers ranking

Yole Développement has been tracking 100+ MEMS companies all along the year and releases today its annual Top 30 MEMS Manufacturers ranking. “Altogether, MEMS sales of these companies account for $9B in 2013 and represent 77% of the total MEMS market in 2013”, announces Jean-Christophe Eloy, President & CEO, Yole Développement (Yole).
This ranking as well as MEMS market forecasts and strategic analysis will be presented during the live event taking place on June 10 at 8:00 AM PDT: What does the future hold for MEMS? To register, click here... Press release - Annual Top 30 MEMS Players

“IoT devices offer huge potential for component manufacturers, but this is clearly not where the value will stop”… announces Yole Développement
June 5 - MEMS
From $9.5B in 2014 to $46B in 2024, the Internet of Things (IoT) device market will represent close to 15% of all data processing.IoT devices offer huge potential for electronic component manufacturers, but this is clearly not where the value will stop. Most of the added value in IoT solutions will come from the processing of the generated data”, explains Dr Eric Mounier, Senior Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement ... Press release - Illustration

Photovoltaics: where are the opportunities for innovation?
“It is time to reinforce and reshape R&D efforts to speed-up the photovoltaic business”, announces Yole Développment (Yole) in its latest report “Emerging and Innovative Approaches in Photovoltaics”. The photovoltaic market is showing signs of renewed optimism. Investors are renewing their interest in photovoltaic start-up companies developing emerging photovoltaic technologies and applications ... Press release - Illustration

MEMS & sensors for mobile phone and tablets: welcome to a crazy business
May 28  - MEMS
“The MEMS & sensors market for mobile phones and tablets application is growing fast”, announces Yole Développement. The company releases today its technology and market analysis, MEMS & Sensors for Mobile Phones & Tablets.
Dr Eric Mounier, Senior Technology & Market Analyst, and Frédéric Breussin, Business Unit, MEMS & Sensors, present a global overview this market, including key market data and dynamics. They analyze the major technology trends for each device and detail the business opportunities.
“The MEMS & Sensors market for mobiles phones & tablets will expand from $ 2.85B in 2013 to more than $ 6B in 2019; shipments will increase from 5.8 B units to more than 17.5B units during the same period”, details Eric. This market is clearly growing, and price is decreasing. What’s the best plan for entering this market and building success? Yole Développement gives its vision of the industry with its new analysis... Press release - Illustration

GaN-on-Si, a disruptive technology? Webcast powered by Yole Développement
Some says “if it can be made on Silicon, it will be made on silicon”. Is that true for GaN too? And if so, can it be applied in all GaN-based applications: LED, power, RF and laser?… Yole Développement proudly announces its live event taking place on June 3 at 8:00 AM PDT: GaN-on-Si, a disruptive technology? To register, go to www.i-micronews.com, upcoming webcasts section or click here.... To read the complete story, please click: Press release

General lighting is driving the next front-end equipment investment cycle but amount at stake will be far from the market surge during LED TV boom
May 28  - LED
Driven by the fanfare over (and overestimation of) the LCD display market, the LED front-end equipment market experienced an unprecedented investment cycle in 2010-2011. The market surge was driven mostly by MOCVD reactor shipments to new Chinese entrants: these players benefited from the generous subsidies of the Chinese central and local governments in a bid to stimulate domestic chip production. However LED market was overestimated at that moment, creating an overcapacity just recovering in 2014, driven by increased LED penetration rate for general lighting applications. Yole Développement expects more than $2.2B to be spent in the next 6 years in LED front-end equipment, which is far from the annual $1.7B invested in 2010 and 2011. How could we explain this result, even though the LED device market should growth by a factor of nearly x1.25 (e.g.: packaged LED market) in the next 3 years?! Press release - Illustration

Is it possible for GaN to reach more mainstream applications under 3.5 GHz?
"Today, the need for high-power, high-frequency transistors is increasing steadily, commensurate with the huge demand for wireless telecommunications”, explains Dr Kamel Madjour, Technology & Market Analyst, Yole Développement. Indeed more power, more frequency bands, better linearity and improved efficiency are still driving RF semiconductor devices’ current development, since the market needs devices able to handle all of these specifications at a reasonable price. So, under this context, is it possible for GaN substrate to reach more mainstream applications under 3.5 GHz?
Recent mergers and acquisitions are a concern for the overall RF market and Si-LDMOS, GaAs and GaN-based devices. The overall RF market doesn’t seem big enough for so many players; as a result, companies are trying to gain scale in order to increase profitability, which has stagnated … Press release - Illustration

“Microfluidic-based point of care is now a must-have for diagnostic companies: is the mergers & acquisition season over?
"Diagnostic companies confirm the adoption of microfluidic technologies for point of care testing", announces Dr Benjamin Roussel, Activity Leader, Medical Technologies from Yole Développement. Indeed the point of care market's contribution to in vitro diagnostic is poised to increase from 13% to 17% over the next five years, leading to a market of around $30B in 2019. Under this context, the French consulting company, Yole Développement releases today its report, "Points of Care Testing 2014: Applications for Microfluidic Technologies".
This technology and market study provides an in-depth analysis of microfluidic devices dedicated to point of care; including nearly 60 new technologies, commercialized or close to the market, Yole Développement’s report also proposes an innovative market segmentation combined with market forecasts. This analysis includes the following applications: emergency testing - home tests - doctor’s office screening - decentralized hospital tests - environmental testing - Forensic and military - third-world infections - agro-food ...Press release - Illustration

“Bringing closer the design, the semiconductor, assemby & packaging communities ... Yole Développement presents its 3D packaging update analysis at MiNaPAD 2014
Yole Développement announces its participation at the 3rd Micro/Nano-Electronics Packaging & Assembly, Design and Manufacturing Forum (MiNaPAD) from May 20 to 22, 2014 in Grenoble. To register, please visit IMAPS France website.
During the conference, the consulting company will announce the main results coming from its new report, “3DIC & TSV Interconnects Business Update” (To be released mid-2014)…“Today, we see a great involvement, across the entire supply chain, in packaging activities covering a broad range of technologies. Despite slower than expected adoption, Yole Développement continues to see significant growth for 2.5 / 3DIC and other TSV based applications. 3D integration is considered a market with a high potential and significant interest”, explains Thibault from Yole Développement.Thibault’s presentation will take place on May 22, at 3:00 PM. Yole Développement invites you to visit the conference exhibition and meet its experts. Admission to the exhibition only is free of charge; registration is required and may be completed on-site ...Press release

“Substrates are shaping the LED front-end industry”, announces Yole Développement
April 30  - LED
Yole Développement releases this week its report, LED Frond-End Manufacturing Trends. “New LED substrate is one of the key topics impacting the LED front-end industry”, explains Pars Mukish, Technology & Market Analyst at Yole Développement (Yole). “Substrates are clearly shaping this industry with the start of the use of Silicon and bulk GaN as a potential replacement of sapphire”, he adds. Under this report, Yole’s analyst provide a better understanding of the current process flow, process steps and technological trends in LED front-end manufacturing. Pars Mukish details the importance of cost reduction in this area as well. Moreover, he evaluates emerging substrates and related technologies including GaN-on-GaN LEDs and GaN-on-Si LEDs....Press releaseIllustration

More GaN-on-Si players on the playground, business is starting. When will the IP battle begin?
April 23  - COMPOUND SEMI.
“GaN-on-Si technology appeared naturally as an alternative to GaN-on-Sapphire, the main stream technology for LED applications. Today, despite potential cost benefits, the mass adoption of GaN-on-Si technology for LED applications remains unclear”, explains Dr Hong Lin, Technology & Market Analyst, Compound Semiconductors & Power Electronics at Yole Développement.
GaN-on-Si is entering in production. Under this context, what is the patent situation? KnowMade and Yole Développement decided to collaborate and combine their expertise to perform a patent analysis dedicated to the GaN-on-Si substrate market: GaN on Silicon Substrate Patent Investigation.
Under this report, the companies detail the technological challenges and known solutions. They provide an overview of the main players and up to 2020 market volume & revenue forecasts. Analysts give a deep understanding of the IP landscape and identify key patents per technology issues or patent assignee ...Press releaseIllustration

In the permanent bonding market, EV Group is leading, Applied Materials and Tokyo Electron are merging… What will happen next?
With the SOI business decreasing, the 3D TSV stack beginning, and the competitive environment changing with EV Group, Applied Materials, Tokyo Electron and many new entrants… Yole Développement analyzes the permanent bonding market & technology trends and announces today its new study: Permanent Wafer Bonding report.Permanent bonding technology is a key process for a wide range of applications in the semiconductor industry such as MEMS, advanced packaging, LED devices, and SOI substrate applications...Press releaseIllustration

“With an increased competition in the MOCVD industry, the leaders are still getting most of the equipment business in a recovering LED front-end equipment market”, says Yole Développement
April 10  - LED
“Following the strong growth of the LED TV market in 2010, the MOCVD industry competition increases. But, today, we still do not see any impact on the market structure … The 3 leaders are still there for a long time.”, explains Pars Mukish, Senior Analyst, LED at Yole Développement. Yole Développement announces this week its new LED report dedicated to front-end equipment market. Under this report, Yole Développement’s analysts give a better understanding of the LED front-end manufacturing technical trends. They describe the supply chain and each related process steps. They also details key players and their positioning in this industry.... Press releaseIllustration

“MEMS microphone market growth soars over the next several years to 13% CAGR reaching $1.65B by 2019”, announces Yole Développement
April 02  - MEMS
Yole Développement releases this week MEMS Microphone Market, Applications & Business Trends report. Under this report, Yole Développement’s analysts provide an update of the global MEMS microphone market including key market metrics & dynamics and the competitive landscape. “New opportunities and emerging applications continue to boost the MEMS microphone market with strong new players”, explains Frédéric Breussin, Business Unit Manager, MEMS & Sensors at Yole Développement... Press release

Get involved in new Euripides² proposals and discover business opportunities
March 28  - MEMS
I-Micronews proudly presents Euripides² webcast, a live event taking place on April 8 at 1.00 PM CEST.EURIPIDES² offers you to discover 4 innovative projects presented by electronic companies. Each of them is looking for partners. Take the time to attend this unique event and learn more about these business opportunities. Register now: EURIPIDES². “The electronic industry today employs about 2.5 million people in Europe and EURIPIDES² could contribute to provide 700 000 new jobs by 2020”, says Remy Renaudin, EURIPIDES² Operations Manager. EURIPIDES² launches two calls per year, in a two-step approach, in order to maximize the chances for success and avoid unnecessary time consuming efforts in setting up projects. At both stages, the EURIPIDES² Office checks whether public funding would be available for partners through the Public authorities’ network. ... Press releaseIllustration

Building the European Smart Valley for SMEs: from research to private investment
March 21  - MEMS
COWIN, a European Commission Coordination and Support action, aiming supporting commercial exploitation of EU collaborative research projects organised a Reception and a Breakfast debate, in cooperation with Knowledge4Innovation, in the European Parliament on 17-18 March 2014. The event, hosted by Ms Teresa Riera Madurell, MEP, Rapporteur for Horizon 2020, presented the successful activities of COWIN and culminated in an award ceremony to honour the most successful young entrepreneurs in the field of smart systems. During the last three years, this Coordination and Support Action dedicated to contribute to bridge the gap from research to market has generated more than 15 million euro direct early stage investment opportunities, while setting-up an attractive ecosystem for exploitation. COWIN engaged more than 1200 industrials and more than 60 VCs to consider investing in early stage ICT start-ups. ... Press releaseIllustration 1 - Illustration 2

GaN-on-Si enables GaN power electronics, will LED transition as well ?
Yole Développement releases this week the GaN-on-Si Substrate Technology and Market for LED and Power Electronics report.Under this report, Yole Développement reviews the GaN-on-Si technology growth, challenges and solutions. Dr Hong Lin and Dr Eric Virey, Yole Développement’s analysts give an overview of GaN-on-Si epiwafer playground. This report also provides an in-depth analysis of the GaN-on-Si technology for LED and power electronic applications, including technology and cost aspect.Yole Développement’s analysts, both develop possible business models for the adoption of GaN-on-Si technology. GaN-on-Si substrate technology and market for LED and Power Electronics report also includes market volume and revenue forecast to 2020... Press release - Illustration

6 and 9-axis DOF sensors are creating a new paradigm in the combos business
March 18  - MEMS
Over the last years, inertial MEMS have been subject to dramatic market & technological evolution. This has been driven by a large increase of the consumer market. Along with “stand-alone” MEMS devices, inertial combo sensors – a combination of several inertial sensors in a single package - are also coming. Main applications are consumer – e.g. accelerometer with magnetometer or accelerometer with gyro – and automotive for ESC and rollover functions first. To give clues about the differences in cost, size, package, structures … of the different inertial MEMS, Yole Développement and System Plus Consulting have released their new report “Inertial MEMS Manufacturing Trends 2014”...Here

COWIN has generated more than 15 million euro direct early stage investment opportunities
March 15  - COWIN
During the last three years, this Coordination and Support Action has generated more than 15 million euro direct early stage investment opportunities, engaged more than 1200 industrials and attracted more than 60 VCs to consider investing in early stage ICT start-ups. According to Luis Boada, Excelera, COWIN excels at providing start-ups with access to leading European companies. It is a unique and great opportunity offered to young companies...Here

“The sapphire industry to benefit but not everybody will win”, says Yole Développement
With display applications, total revenue from polished sapphire products could grow at a 50% CAGR through 2018 and exceed US$5B. Sapphire is now a strategic material for Apple that it will use as an element of differentiation versus Samsung and other competitors. With the Mesa plant, Apple is creating its own supply chain, sheltered from any risk of shortage or price increase. But a second source is needed. “We therefore expect other sapphire makers to increase capacity and join the Apple supply chain in the next few months”, explains Eric Virey, Senior Analyst at Yole Développement. Eric Virey is the author of the report “Sapphire Applications and Market: From LED to Consumer Electronics”, released by Yole Développement, beginning of March....Here

Yole said it, Fairchild did it …
March 12  - MEMS
XSens’ acquisition by Fairchild Semiconductor shows how important the software will be for MEMS as predicted by Yole Développement in its last 6&9DOF report, entitled “6 and 9 axis sensors: consumer inertial combos”. As the inertial MEMS market keeps growing, the value is shifting from the silicon to a full integrated solution. This evolution is driven by a strong price erosion (IMUs are now less than $1 …) that pushes manufacturers to provide smart solutions....Here

Apple will transform the sapphire industry in 2014: How will this revolution happen ?
The sapphire industry recently ended an 18 month period of depressed pricing and achieved US$936 million in revenue for wafer products. Recovery was helped by an increase in LED demand due to growing adoption in general lighting and a resilient LCD backlight market. “But the saving grace was new consumer electronic (CE) applications: camera lens and fingerprint reader covers, mostly driven by Apple in 2013” explains Eric Virey, Senior Analyst at Yole Développement. Overall, the growth in wafer demand will be enough to justify a capacity increase toward the end of 2014....Here

“Combo sensors market: 4 players share 75% of the market…”, announces Yole Développement Is there any room for newcomers?
March 06  - MEMS
I-Micronews proudly presents the Yole Développement’s webcast, a live event taking place on March 6th, at 5:00 PM CET on I-Micronews.com. This program has been developed in collaboration with Yole Développement’s partners, System Plus Consulting and KnowMade. It will provide an overview of the combo sensors market including a detailed presentation on three MEMS IMU developed by STMicroelectronics, Bosch Sensortec and InvenSense...Here

From research and innovation to economic value for SMEs COWIN success and best practices to make it happen
February 26 - COWIN
On behalf of Ms Teresa Riera Madurell, MEP and Horizon 2020 rapporteur and Mr Lambert van Nistelrooij, MEP, K4I Forum Chair and Structural funds 2014-2020, COWIN is pleased to invite you to a high-level event on “From research and innovation to economic value for SMEs: COWIN Success and Best Practices to Make It Happen”. The event will take place on Tuesday, 18 March (a Breakfast debate) at European Parliament in Brussels, with a networking cocktail the evening before.....Here

Best practices inherited from COWIN experience to apply to H2020 call while preparing the commercial success of your innovation
February 19 - MEMS
Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation program ever with nearly Euros 80 billion of funding available over 7 years (2014 to 2020) – in addition to the private investment that this money will attract. It promises more breakthroughs, discoveries and world-firsts by taking great ideas from the lab to the market....Here

“Thin film PZT is mainly interesting for integrated passive devices, FeRAM and MEMS applications”, says Yole Développement
Last December, Yole Développement announced its Thin Film PZT for Semiconductor Application Trends & Technology Update report. In this report, the company has focused on thin film PZT applications for semiconductor including FeRAM, integrated passives devices and MEMS sensors & actuators...Here

Emerging non-volatile memories: niche memory markets with a vast number of patents held by big companies
ole Développement’s partner, KnowMade releases a patent analysis dedicated to emerging non-volatile memories: “Emerging Non-Volatile Memories: patent landscape”.Both companies, Yole Développement and KnowMade are developing their knowledge on this topic for several years now. Yole Développement also released a technology and market report last year: “Emerging Non-Volatile Memories”...Here

Sensor roadmap: the pathway to the next "BigThing"
February 14 -MEMS
Yole Développement and Fraunhofer EMFT announce their Technology & Market seminar on March 20, 2014 - Munich, Germany. Both partners combine their expertise and knowledge of the European microelectronic industry to create a unique place for exchanges and debates.....Here

Market acceptance of microfluidic technologies: a road towards standardization
February 14 - MEDTECH
The 6th Lab-on-a-Chip European Congress brings together leaders from both academia and industry to discuss innovative developments in this exciting field. Attention is also given to some of the many applications of Labs-on-Chips, from the enhancement of life science research, to taking diagnostics to the point of need. Overall this track provides an excellent snapshot of this rapidly growing field....Here

Yole Finance has been selected and certified DEFI Photonique
February 13 - MEMS
Take advantage of DEFI Photonique to support your growth with Yole Finance. Yole Finance, a Business Unit of Yole Développement has been selected and certified DEFI Photonique by CNOP and AFOP. DEFI Photonique is a national project to support the photonics industry in France by offering services adapted to the support to the development of SMEs in this sector...Here

“By 2020, equipment & materials market for printed & flexible electronics is a potential US $1.65B business”, explains Dr Mounier, Yole Développement
Yole Développement announces its report, Market & Technology Trends in Materials & Equipment for Printed & Flexible Electronics. In this report, Yole Développement’s analysts identified technical hurdles for printed & flexible electronics (OLEDs lighting, OLEDs displays, PV, sensors) and analysed threats and opportunities for equipment and materials companies...Here

YOLE believed it, SONY made it: Sony establishes Yamagata Technology Center to increase production capacity for CMOS Image Sensors
January 31 - IMAGING
Sony has just announced that it has acquired the Tsuruoka Factory semiconductor-related assets held by Renesas Yamagata Semiconductor Co., Ltd. SCK Yamagata TEC will serve as a new 300mm production site for CMOS image sensors...Here

Vertical integration vs. outsourcing in the wide bandgap sector
Yole Développement announces its participation in the 4 th CS International conference 2014 with two presentations. The event will take place on March 18 & 19, 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. The program is now complete...Here

Graphene materials: what is the industrial potential behind the academic R&D hype?
“$141M graphene materials market in 2024 will be driven mainly by transparent conductive electrodes and energy storage applications”, announces Yole Développement. This week Yole Développement releases its new report: Graphene materials for opto & electronic applications....Here

“BSI image sensors accounted for 27% of total CIS sales in 2012”, says Yole Développement
January 30 - IMAGING
“From front-end silicon technology to camera module, numerous technological innovations will contribute to better performances, higher resolution and new functionalities”, explains Yole Développement in its new report, Status of CMOS Image Sensors Industry. Indeed the French consulting company announced this week this technology & market analysis, which is an update of a report released two years ago. Status of CMOS Image Sensors Industry report especially presents the latest technological trends for CMOS Image Sensors production...Here

How emerging technology in LED lighting will shape the outlook for 2014?
January 23 - LED
“Growth of the LED industry came initially from small LCD displays and keypad backlighting for cell phones. Then, the industry was driven forward by medium and large LCD display applications, with LED TV expected as the LED industry driver for 2011. However, the reality was quite different due to lower sales of LCD TVs, a lower than expected penetration rate of LED technology and a lower number of LEDs per TV set”, explains Pars Mukish, Senior Analyst, LED, Lighting Technologies and Compound Semiconductors activities at Yole Développement...Here

CMOS Image Sensor market will reach US$13B by 2018!
January 21 - IMAGING
Yole Développement will release this week the report Status of the CMOS Image Sensors Industry, 2014 edition. This report is an update of a first version launched for the first time, two years ago. According to Yole Développement, as major technology changes continue to reshape the industrial landscape, a 10% CAGR is forecast for the CMOS image sensor market from 2013 – 2018. “The market will reach a total value of ~US$13B by 2018, driven by consumer and automotive applications”, explains Dr Eric Mounier, Senior Analyst at Yole Développement...Here

Yole said it, FLIR did it: FLIR announced the introduction of the first thermal imager
January 13 - Imaging
Yole said it, FLIR did it! Several months after Yole Développement’s forecast, FLIR Systems, IR Imaging market leader, announced on January 7th the introduction of FLIR One™, the first thermal imager designed for smartphones...Here

What are the challenges for MEMS sensors in the next 5 years?
January 9 - MEMS
Yole Technology Seminar on January 16, 2014 - Novotel Ambassador Gangnam, Seoul, Korea Yole Développement organizes a MEMS & Imaging Technology Seminar in Korea on January 16, 2014. Dedicated to MEMS devices & manufacturing technologies areas, followed by Imaging, the seminar is made up of Yole Développement presentations on the related market area, System Plus Consulting tools presentations (Reverse Costing and Cost Simulation). The French consulting company also invites industrials speakers to present their vision of the Industry: Bosch Sensortec, CMOSIS and GMEMS...Here

“The market for sensors in home healthcare applications will explode from $559M in 2013 to $1.2B by 2018!,” says Yole Développement
January 8 - MEDTECH
Last December, Yole Développement announced its Sensors for Home Healthcare Applications: Market & Technology Analysis report. Yole Développement’s report provides a complete overview of today and tomorrow’s advanced home care applications, identifying the most promising ones. Also, this report describes market trends and challenges, incl. forecasts, detailed supply chain and a special focus on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)...Here